Thursday, July 22, 2010

Here I Am

Hey Folks! I didn't mean to be gone so long. It's a long story but about the time I made that last post I came down with a very bad summer flu, I guess, and was really out of commission for a few days. Then, over the weekend while I was still very sick, my water system finally made it's last gasp and I was forced to drag myself out of bed to hand dig the well back out. Thankfully I had brought a gas powered water pump home from work, in anticipation of this happening, and was able to keep the water down low enough to work. Allen and I took turns descending into the well to shovel muck out. The water in that spring is so cold my feel actually went numb from the cold, but, on the bright side, I have plenty of water now. And if that wasn't enough, when I was carrying the pump down to the spring, I slipped and fell and me and the water pump went bouncing down the hill together. I didn't let go of it for some reason and also ended up cutting my knee open. That wasn't that bad, believe it or not, but between the fall and the digging I severely aggravated my old back injury also and had to spend most of Monday laid up on a heating pad. So, I've just been out of sorts and wore out lately. Plus, when it's just you and you're sick, things like the dishes and clothes don't get washed and I have spent a couple of days getting all of that back in line. But everything is okay now.
But ya'll know me; I ain't right. When things get discouraging sometimes I tend to wander off in the woods by myself for a few days to think about things. I was going really good and making some progress on the house and then it all just blows up. I haven't made any progress on anything the past couple of weeks but it will come around again.
I've been a little unsure what to write about anyway. Often times I feel like the 'Giant Rat' of the blogosphere fair. You know, just something silly and slightly amusing to pass the time. I have been trying to put together some ideas for some posts of more substance. Something that really explains what I am trying to accomplish here. Anyway, time for bed now and I've partaken of a bit of some fine whiskey a friend brought me, so my thought s are wandering everywhere right now. Just wanted to drop a line in case anybody was wondering where I dropped off to. I'll be back.

*Al Green


Jenn said...


The bad thing about projects? They'll wait for you.

The good thing about projects? They'll wait for you.

Glad you got the well sorted out again. Is this a patch or a fix?

HermitJim said...

I've been worried about ya! Been missing ya, too!

You ought to just pop in and say "hello" on those days that you don't want to do a full post. That way, we all know that you are OK!

Main thing, stay well and stay in touch!

Sissy said...

Yes, Annie, I've been wondering too. Sounds like you have been overwhelmed. I know "there". Hope that bug is gone. Whiskey and lemon helped me in the past with it, or maybe it just knocked me out and got me through the worst. Maybe I should try this remedy for my overwhelming. Can't hurt. Can it? Happy to hear from you again.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, kid. If you can do all that while you're sick, what can't you do when your hale and hearty?

Island Rider said...

Giant rat? No, just human like all of us with ups and downs, sometimes more downs than ups. We all go through it. I hope your life gets on an upturn soon. Summer flu, bad back, ouch! We were on a well for a while, I know its a pain of having to mess with the pump or well when all you want is a warm shower and sleep.

ignatz said...

phew, glad to see you back--just a titch worried :)

Woody said...

She Lives!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Whew, Annie, that was quite a lot of happenings in such a short time. Good thing you got that nice new mattress to rest. Add me to the list of blogger friends who have missed your posts and were wondering if all was we see they weren't OK, but relieved to hear you are doing better now. Thank goodness for helpful friends. Rest up and feel better and hope your knee and back get better too. Take good care.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

You have been wrestling some demon problems. In time you will win a few falls and things will become better.

I know when a problem is made much worse when an accident occurs and/or an old injury flares up.

Beau said...

Glad you're feeling a little better... Oh, and remember your "mountain mint" photo? I discovered that I've got some growing by my beehives that I planted a few years ago! I didn't even realize what it was, but it finally matured to where the silver white bracts and flowers on top have bloomed. Pycnanthemum albescens Beautiful plant... :)

Melissa said...

I know the feeling--it's amazing how bad health can make me feel like all of my progress has been taken away. Just so you know, it's not true. In yoga they talk about a kriya, which is a way that your body tells your mind: hey, you need a break.

So you got a break, in the woods, by yourself. We all believe in what you're trying to accomplish, or we wouldn't be here.

Hayley said...

One day (if not already) you are going to look back and say, "How on earth did I do it all? I am so awesome."

myamuhnative said...

When it rains it pours!
Was wondering where you were.
I lost water yesterday too and this morning found out that we are going to have to have a new well dug and repiped to the pump-and they can't do it till tomorrow because its raining cats and dogs here from Bonnie.
Lack of potable water makes me very grumpy.
On the bright side, once we get water back I'm planning to knock out the yearly mango jam production-I'll send you some along with some of the mulberry jam soon.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jenn! lol! yeah, it will all wait. This is a patch sort of but actually part of the major fix that is soon going to occur. It was going to have to be redug anyway and we just got a jump on it.

Hey Jim! thanks for your kind words. sorry to make you worry; I didn't mean to. I will not let such a long spell go by again.

Hey Sissy! thanks! yeah, I was overwhelmed to say the least! you know, I always try to whiskey, lemon and honey trick but it didn't help a bit this time. Doesn't hurt to try though! ;)

Hey Furt! thanks man! As soon as I can get some time off work I'm gonna kick some ass around here!

Hey IR! thanks! I just hate it when the downs seem to all jump on you at once! lol!
I think when I make this next reconstruction on the well I won't have to worry about things for a while.

Hey Ignatz! sorry! thanks!!

Hey Woody! Raaarr!!! I live!

Hey Beatrice! thanks! yeah, I'm so thankful I got that mattress, I think it helped me recover a lot!

Hey Philip! thanks! yeah, it's bad enough having all this other without rehurting my back but that life I guess.

Hey Beau! thanks!! yeah, I think the plant has to be a couple of years old before it starts turning white. Glad you have some!!

Hey Melissa! thanks! unfortunately, when my body tells me I need a break is usually not at the same time that crap around the house tells me I need one! lol! they need to get together!

Hey Hayley! awww, thanks! I don't know about awesome; maybe stubborn! I appreciate that though!

Hey Mya! yes it does pour! I hate to hear about your well crapping out! dang! hope they get you back on water soon!!
Mango jam! yummmoo!! sounds good!

Anonymous said...

WOW.. Glad you survived all that. Your plights have should have taught us many things, like sleigh riding is better than pump riding. AND if you are going to pump ride, wear knee pads. When hand digging your well (i can't picture that) remember to wear insulated battery powered heated socks.
I hope the whiskey your friend brought was a fine Irish Wiskey, or at least Makers Mark. I wouldn't worry about everything backing up. If you want to make God laugh, tell him what you plan to do today.
All seriousness aside, take it easy. A bad back is a nasty animal.

Loretta said...

I missed you too, but thought you were on vacation! Boy, how wrong was I? You sure have a good friend that would help you like he does. Glad your doing ok now.

edifice rex said...

Hey Grenville! lol! I actually started to get some pics of digging the well because I knew not many people would believe such but it happened! unfortunately so!
And yeah, I learned a long time ago just to say, 'I would LIKE TO do such and such', not 'these are my definite plans!' :D
the whiskey actually was Maker's Mark! it was their new '46', which is excellent.

Hey Loretta! thanks! yeah, Allen is a great friend and we both try to help each other when we can.