Friday, July 30, 2010

I Am Like A Bird

While I was mowing today I found yet another feather. It was laying at the base of the Switchman's sculpture. I have noticed that birds love to perch on that sculpture and survey the area, so I was not surprised to find physical evidence of their presence. It appears to be either a hawk or owl feather, although I think maybe the latter. When I worked at the railroad job, there was a resident hawk that we often saw and he/ she regularly hunted a grassy hillside very near to the job. He would perch on some low hanging power lines to scan for mice and such and it was easy to get a close look at him. The Switchman and I loved to watch the hawk and would always point him out to each other if we had the opportunity. We were enchanted at how the hawk just seemed to dismiss the lumbering engines despite their noise and heat. I have not seen the Switchman himself in some time now.

Work work (as opposed to home work) continues 6 days a week now, so progress on the house is on hold for a little while. My pantry cabinet is ready however and I must find a way to go pick it up. I may have to enlist Allen, as he is here in town during the business day. I am very excited to have that because the pantry can be completely finished shortly. Well, I'm off to sleep!

*Nelly Furtado


Floridacracker said...

Good news on the pantry.
I am still painting PFHQ and it seems as if it will go on forever.
Who KNEW this house had so much trim?

HermitJim said...

You sure do find some great stuff around your place! The best thing of all is that you really take the time to look and appreciate them!

You are indeed a special person!

Have a great day!

Jenn said...

I love to collect feathers. They make great abstract wall art, and you can hang them almost invisibly with a sewing pin. Put the pin in 1/8th of an inch, slide the feather up to the head so it looks like it's 'floating' on the wall. Great shadows.

Jenn said...

Or you can artfully frame them with shadowboxes - I pick mine up on the cheap at goodwill.

Sissy said...

According to the native, we each have an animal totem. Study of their individual totem shows the human carries many of that animal's characteristics.

I think you are doing very well with all you have on your plate. Hang on tight.

Hoping the time is near when you can softly float down to real happiness and delight of sharing your life with that special someone. Everybody needs someone to share a found feather with.

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! hey, that stuff always takes so much longer than you think it's going to! hope you finish soon..

Hey Jim! thanks buddy, I appreciate that.

Hey Jenn! As a matter of fact I buy frames and boxes from thrift stores too and have a couple ready to put some feathers in! that was just what I had in mind. I just have make time one evening to do it.

Hey Sissy! yeah, I have often wondered what my animal totem is! Maybe it is a bird of some sort.
Yes, everybody does need someone to share things with but I've grown a little skeptical of finding anyone for myself. Maybe one day tho.

Anonymous said...

If i have learned nothing else in life it's that work on a house is NEVER done. So i try not to rush to finish any task cause there are a whole bunch waiting in the wings.

I agree on the feather being an owl feather. I got to play with one last month at the Va Aquarium's aviary.
Don't over work...

edifice rex said...

Hey Grenville! yeah, i think it is a barred owl but I could be wrong.
I know I'll never finish with the house but I do look forward to getting a little more of it done!