Monday, November 22, 2010

The Price You Pay

Now, I am only making this post because I have had a few readers request this information. I certainly do not expect my readers to buy all my artwork; that's what websites are for and I am looking into setting up such. But anyway, as I said, a few people wanted this info so I am going to present it for you but I am in no way going to be upset if no one wants to make a purchase. After this post I will just move this page to a link over on the sidebar so it can be accessed easily. Of course, you can click on this photo to enlarge it and get a better view of the stuff.
So, the prices are as follows, although what I have shown here is not all of the pieces that I produce. For example, I don't have any current photos of my casserole dishes.
Starting at the top left and going clockwise are; pie plates, dinnerware set w/ plates and bowls, vase, dessert bowls, serving (left) and mixing (right) bowls, mugs and small condiment bowls.

  • dinner plate (9.5” dia.) $24. ea.

  • lunch plate (7.5” dia.) 12.

  • soup bowl (2.5” x 5.5”) 12.

  • salad bowl (1.75” x 8.5”) 14.

  • dessert bowl (2.5”x 4.5”) 9.

  • mug (10 oz.) 12.

  • large mug (14 oz.) 15.

  • sm. condiment bowl (2-3” dia.) 3.

  • serving or mixing bowls / 3 sizes

1 qt., 1.75 qt. & 2.5 qt. $16., 24. & 40.

  • casserole with lid / 3 sizes

1 qt., 1.75 qt. & 2.5 qt. $30., 45. & 70.

  • pie plate (10” dia. @ top rim) $27.

I have included a couple of close-ups so you can see some of the little impressions and details I put in the pieces. You can request certain impressions (like this shell) but please allow for some variations in placement and size.
All dimensions given in the list are approximate but I do tend to follow them rather closely. All work is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, although you must be aware that stoneware will become very hot in a microwave, so handle with care. Do NOT, however, place any piece on the eye of a stove or place frozen food in it and then put the piece in a hot oven.

These are some of the colors available, starting from the top left and going clockwise, Earth Red, Robin's Egg Blue, Oatmeal and Slate Blue. The Slate is a satin finish and the Robin's Egg is a gloss. I do also have a dark brown and black.

This is an example of the seashell detail and oatmeal splashed on the interior of the Earth Red. I will add to this list as I get photos of the other stuff I make.
Thanks for all the interest. I also usually offer two-fer deals and or a small discount for sets of things: like if you wanted a set of 6 dessert bowls. And I will ship according to what you tell me, either Parcel Post or Priority. Usually the Priority Flat Rate is the best deal.


HermitJim said...

Nice looking work, my friend! I'm sure that we all appreciate you posting the price list on these pieces for us!

Beautiful pieces, my friend! Love the colors shown here!

Mom said...

So nice, love your work and the prices are decent!! Love the shell markings (living near the ocean as I do). Jane in Maine

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! thanks; I appreciate ya'lls interest.

Hey Jane! thanks so much!

Gin said...

Lovely work, gorgeous glazes! I'll be in touch in the next few days. I want to get a couple of pieces.

Aunty Belle said...

WOW---I think yore prices is real fair, Edi-Rex.

How does I order somethin'?

I wowuld like a robins egg blue pie plate wif' shell motif, an a red earth casserole with lid, also shell motif if shell can come on a casserole.

Please email me how to order/ pay.


edifice rex said...

Hey Aunty! thanks so much! I sent you an email with info and a couple of questions. I'll get right on the order.

edifice rex said...

Hey Gin! thanks so much!

el said...

HAH! Any of those coming to sit on your own table yet, Ms Annie? They're all wonderful, and I too like the little shell embossing.

I am up to no good at all in the ceramics studio; it's so fun.

glad to hear you had an ok turkey day.

edifice rex said...

Hey El! thanks!
as a matter of fact, I did keep 3 soup bowls for myself because I had broken most of my old ones. I thought I was making serving bowls but got mixed up and these are too small for that but great for soup.
You should show us what you are making on your blog!!