Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Warmth Of The Sun

Wow, I didn't mean to shock ya'll into speechlessness with that price list! lol! Would you believe I actually discounted those items some to account for shipping charges? My pieces have always been on the more affordable end of the spectrum over the years as I have compared my stuff with other potters. I know one regional potter that is pretty well known here that gets $36 for one mug. One. I don't know but to me, that kinda borders on pretentiousness . I want most people, not just the very wealthy, to be able to enjoy using my work if they like it. And me to still be able to earn a decent wage at it. But that is why I put that disclaimer in there: I know that a lot of people cannot afford or are not willing to pay those prices and that's okay with me.

So, anyway, Jack finished the cold frame and got it in place and on it's foundation. He had the idea to put it up on block or stone in order to save the wood from having a lot of contact with the ground. I just happen to have all these bluestone curbs that came off an old job and they worked out perfect. I had been trying to find some use for them for about 3 years now. Now, I know there are gaps between the stones and those will be filled with concrete. I wasn't so lucky that they worked out to the same dimension as the frame and I didn't want to cut any of them, but it won't take much to dry pack some mortar in the holes and seal it up.

This is a shot of the inside and as you can see, I haven't filled it with soil yet. Hope to do that soon. The soil level will come up just above the stone. That will give me about 6 inches of fresh dirt and we also tilled the ground before we set the frame, so it will be good and loose down to around 12 inches. After the dirt is in I think I will have a bout 12 inches of head space in the back. The frame is 8 feet by about 2 feet. I couldn't find any suitable old storm doors or windows to make the top out of, so I just broke down and bought this piece of clear polycarbonate. It seems sturdy. That was the only thing that cost me a little money. All of the lumber, hinges etc. I or Jack had already. Well, he did also go buy these little metal plates you hammer onto joints. He felt it needed some reinforcement so, since it was his project, I let him go to it and make it the way he wanted. As a result, I think I could also use the coldframe as a bomb shelter. lol! But at least it is sturdy.

I hope everyone here in the States has a great Thanksgiving and that we all truly see all we have to be thankful for. I hope you are able to thoroughly enjoy the bounty brought forth by the earth in your area.
Across the gathering stillness
simply this: "For all that we have received,
dear God, make us truly grateful."

~ Lynn Ungar ~


HermitJim said...

Nice looking cold frame! The main thing is that you were able to reuse some pieces to get it done! That alone is pretty cool!

I think your prices are right in line with where they should be!

You and yours have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow, my friend!

ignatz said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you---love the new work, still favor the red with a swish of brush work and dimple of shell---your prices are way cheap, don't doubt yourself, nice work---envious of your cold frame, do you have to block the cold air from the ends of the lid? and what will you grow in there? so glad you have another pair of happy hands around, makes life so much nicer---enjoy the day, Page

myamuhnative said...

Well, you know I think that your prices are too low for the quality of the product!
And as someone who drinks her coffee only out of your mugs,I can say how nice they are!
Have been coveting that fluted pie plate-if it doesn't get snapped up let me know?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Annie, to you and Capt Jack from Grenville and myself. The coldframe looks wonderful too.

Island Rider said...

Not speechless, just busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. I want some. Am deciding between mugs, bowls or both. I will email you my order so you can tell me cost plus shipping and I will send you a check. Happy Thanksgiving!

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! thanks; I appreciate that.
I hope you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving too.

Hey Page! Happy Thanksgiving to you! thanks on the pottery.
I'm going to have to do a little reading and see if I need to seal those holes. I had thought of that myself but wasn't sure.
I am going to attempt lettuce, green onions and possibly some carrots.
Yes, it is nice to have another person around that likes digging in the dirt as much as me. We have fun!

Hey Tricia! oh yes, thank you for your kind recommendations.
I have another one of those pie plates that is soon for the firing and plan to make more, so when you want one I'm sure I will have one available.

Hey Beatrice! thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you two also!

Hey IR! Oh, okay! that sounds great! :D
hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

ErinFromIowa said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Ohhh... I am stilled stuffed! Ha!
I just wanted to say that your ceramics are A.R.T. and that is priceless.
I made Sangria for Thanksgiving libation and it was delicious!

Island Rider said...

OK. Ready to do my "black Friday" shopping! LOL! Please prep 6 mugs, mix them up in colors, but I would like at least one blue with dragonfly and one red with leaf. One dessert bowl in blue with dragonfly and one pie plate any color. Let me know the price plus shipping to zip code 34250 and I will send you a check. Thanks!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I trust you had a lovely Thanksgiving Day.

Your cold frame is really good. I have always wanted to have one here. I am inspired. Come Spring I may build one.

I am surprised you could not locate old windows or storm doors. Such thinks are plentiful here. Besides around peoples homes there are several stores that sell used but still useful building materials. One is run by Habitat for Humanity to raise funds for their projects.

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! thanks so much! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving too but sounds like you did! lol!

Hey IR! okay, I'll email you.

Hey Philip! thanks! I am kinda surprised I couldn't find any windows too but if I had put a greater effort into it I might have been successful. It was just easy to go get this polycarbonate stuff.
We have one of those Habit stores here too and I checked it out as soon as it opened, hoping for good deals. Well, they can have their stuff. For the cheap crap they had (and their prices) I could have just about bought new, decent material at Lowe's. I was not at all impressed with the one here. I know they are trying to raise money but they are going to have to offer decent stuff or stuff really cheap.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey hey Edi-Rex!!

Love yore new banner! Stunnin' fall color.

I did leave a comment on the price list post--I DOES want to buy some of yore lovely ware. But did I miss how to do so? how/ whar' to place an order?

Seems thangs is goin' along pretty well--tho I was unhappy to learn another art gallery closed. But--keep me posted if ya decide to have an open house/ pottery sale!!

edifice rex said...

Hey Aunty! you should be getting an email from me soon! if not, tell me and I'll try again. I sent to the

Aunty Belle said...

lookin' forward to that email--please try again as the address is

edifice rex said...

Okay Aunty! I just made a typo in that comment; I sent the email to the address you just left. As a matter of fact, I just copied and pasted so I'd make sure and get it right. At any rate, I just sent you another one and typed in the address by hand. Your spam filter isn't knocking me out is it? :D