Tuesday, June 07, 2011

In The Garden

I realized one day while working on the chicken coop roof that you could get a real good view of the garden layout from up there! So, I thought I'd give ya'll a little tour of the place now that it is starting to fill in pretty good. My garden is somewhere around 43' x 50', so that's like, a little over 2,100 square feet. That's just over twice the footage of my house! I thought that was funny when I first figured it up.
Anyway, We'll go around the garden clockwise, starting at about 9:00. I have several rows of potatoes there and they are starting to bloom, so it may be getting close to harvest some. I may harvest some small ones (new potatoes) and then let the others go on some more. Aboe the taters is corn (Silver Queen) and some peas mixed in. I think peas anyway. They are volunteers so I thought I'd just let them go and see what they do. Above the corn is the coldframe which still has some carrots in it but not much. Next to the coldframe is Blue Lake beans (2 rows). Moving to the right is 5 rows of okra, 4 of Clemson Spineless and 1 row of Burgundy. Okra is a favorite of mine and Jack's and I finally found a way to freeze it so it still tastes good. Next over from the okra is tomatoes!! I have one row of Amish Paste, one row of MoneyMakers and a little further over a couple of Black Krim I just happen to find down at the local hardware store. That giant mass of green to the far right is yellow crookneck squash and zucchini. I made the mistake of planting some of these things right next to each other and as a result, may have some trouble with my seeds cross-pollinating. Just another thing I have learned recently. Moving down from the squash is where the onions were and where I still have leeks and spring onions. I harvested most of the onions this week. To the left of the leeks are cucumbers, bok choy, pepperocini peppers and eggplant, which never does good for me. It just sits there stagnant and refuses to grow. In the far bottom corner is my garlic, which is about to die over and be ready to pull. There is also some dill next to the garlic. Separated by the walkway (or future walkway) and on the outer edges, is the fruits and herbs. Raspberries, strawberries, grapes, catnip, lemonbalm, blueberries, and some flowers. On either side of the coldframe is 2 fig trees. I think they are Brown Turkey. I plan on adding much to the fruit/ herb border. Oh yeah, on the outer left edges are watermelon, cantaloupe and hulless oats. There is a fair amount crammed in there. We are planning an expansion on the right.

Some of the past few days harvest! Not a lot but it's getting better. My onions did okay but did not get real big. I must look into this and continue to amend their bed. I did keep the soil scratched back from the bulbs so they would expand but I think they need more nutrients. I will try again on onions later in the summer for a fall crop.
We are also getting about 18 eggs a week, some lettuce still and the raspberries are starting to ripen. Yum!! Won't be long until the wild blackberry crop is in too.

Unfortunately, we have gone many days without rain at this posting and things are starting to show it. I water some but am trying to use a lot of mulch to conserve the moisture.
On a better note, my Asiatic lilies are blooming wonderfully this year!

They are so bright and cheerful: I just love them.

I have also created 3 monsters out of these gals. I took to throwing them grubs as I find them weeding the garden and now they expect grubs every time I step foot out there! They line up at the fence and "talk' to me the whole time I'm in the garden. I'm thinking once the corn gets a little bigger I might can fence off the tomatoes and then let the girls in for a little bit to pick bugs. On the left is Little Bea, then Henny the Red and Big Bertha on the right. They are sweet chickens.


Anonymous said...

Onion size is about day length :)
We plant ours in December in Southern Cal. and are getting ready to harvest now. We order the green starts (NOT the bulbils from the big box). Last year we planted some from seed in Sept. when we put our garlic in. We grow granex, texas 1015 and candy. They are short day length. I was trying cippolini, but they are all flowering on me :(

Try again in the fall for next year! Most of ours last year were 1# or more :)


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The garden is looking good, Annie. I enjoyed the day-trip to the art show and the tortilla pizza recipe post too. Sounds like one we might try cause we will be having lots o salad with our fresh spinach and lettuce. Our veggie and wildflower gardens have kept us busy too and we also have a serious lack of rain. And another heat wave is on the way by Wed. Your chickens must appreciate the fan and rinds.

ErinFromIowa said...

What a perfect little tour! You probably should make lefse with some of those new potatoes. ;)

HermitJim said...

That is one nice looking garden, my friend!

The chickens are looking good as well! Glad they are giving you some fresh eggs on a regular basis!

Looks to me like you got it all going your way...and that's a good thing!

Ed said...

Your garden is growing quite well Mary Quite Contrary!

edifice rex said...

Hey Kathy! Yeah, I used the green starts too this year and they did better than my previous attempts. I'll have to check the cultivars and see which is best for our area. Thanks for the info! I've never had luck starting onions from seeds.
I think my soil does need more amending though; like I said, it's basically colored sand! :)

Hey Bea! thanks! Oh yeah, they LOVE the watermelon. they go absolutely bonkers!

Hey ERin! Lefse?? I'll have to look that one up! lol!

Hey Jim! thanks! yeah, things are going well right now! thank goodness.

Hey Ed! Hey, how did you know that was me??? lol!!!

Rurality said...

Hey your garden looks great! The secret for eggplant is lots and lots of water... preferably real rain-type water, which of course is in short supply right now!

You're ahead of us. We had to re-plant because birds raided the garden right after we put seeds out, and ate almost everything (apparently).