Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Fun

I haven't done anything to intensify the colors in these photos. Straight out of the camera to you! That's one reason I love marigolds, other than their bug repelling properties. No matter how hot and dry it gets, these things always seem to keep on going, no wilting, no fainting, just bright, pulsating color.

The only problem I've had this year is they have gotten so big that their stems have broken in some cases and the plant kinda flops open and splays on the ground. But they still keep blooming!

The butterflies are very abundant right now also. Mainly these type (I don't know the variety) but also a few of those Blue Admirals, I think? I had some caterpillars on my parsley (is that Monarch's) and let them have it but there is no sign of them now. The birds may have gotten to them.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Our marigold persihed during the 2 weeks we were away recently in RI for our new grandaughter's arrival - lots of heat and humidity and no rain will do that, even for marigolds. Yours are lovely, Annie.

Rurality said...

I think that is a Gulf Fritillary. Nice marigolds!

Sissy said...

Truly splendid, Annie. Such intense colors. I promise myself again that next year there will be marigolds here or bust...and some zinnias too. Why I've never grown either I don't know; certainly I've bummed others' seed. Speaking of which.... :) Whoa, found a picture of the Blue Admiral - exquisite. Wish it resided in this area. I'm such a pig!

edifice rex said...

Hey Bea! thanks!

Hey Karen! yeah! that's it. I was trying to think of the name but couldn't remember. Thanks!

Hey Sissy! Oooh, I still owe you some Vitex seeds don't I? I'll try to remember to send you some of all 3.