Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Step Closer

Well, first off, I appreciate all the kind words and compliments from you folks in the last post. Ya'll are sweet. Although, I did have to giggle a little at Island Rider's comparison to a Amazon warrior. I felt like something from the Amazon alright; maybe a giant leech or slug after being in that water for 3 days but not a warrior.! I look at those photos and think I look like hammered cat shit. I certainly feel like hammered cat shit; especially after today.

It was somewhat frustrating at the start today but we got it worked out and once the footprint was down it was just stack, stack, stack. It did take me a little while to get that first run situated correctly and level but my elevations were very close and it all tied in well with the shelf I poured yesterday. I was somewhat disappointed to see that some of that shelf did not set well and was crumbly. This was probably my fault for mixing it too dry. I know that's hard to imagine, it being submerged in water but High/ Early sets FAST. Fortunately, it was on the side where I could actually set block on the floor of the spring, so I just chipped out that crumbly and ran block. I then filled that blocked completely and filled up flush with the top of the shelf. I wish I had photos but you know....
Anyway, you can see how far we got. And, the first 5 runs are filled 100% and have rebar doweled through them. I know some of you may notice that I did not actually mortar the blocks together but with them being in water that's kinda not going to work well. The grout filling them, with the rebar will be plenty sufficient to hold them in place. It's almost like just pouring solid concrete.
Now, some of you may ask, why didn't I just pour concrete walls? Well, if I had used Sonatube, for a round form, the cost would have been much higher. If I had square formed it with plywood the cost might have been about the same but the aggravation of getting a concrete truck back there, the labor of forming and wrecking that form etc. made the block just seem like the easier way to go.

Now, the top 3 runs in this photo have not been poured. We ran out of Sackrete after pouring over half of it but it will be good to let that set up tonight and then pour the remainder tomorrow. You can see here how much clearer the water is already. It's kinda amazing to me. I knew it would clear up but didn't really expect that. As soon as all the concrete sets and such it should become very clear. Oh, the big pipe there and the block will be taken out later. The pipe stubbed up is just to keep me from dropping concrete or kicking gravel into the inlet when I'm working. I'll try to get some better pictures as it clears and we finish up.
Well, today was really exhausting for me. Jack made material runs while I wrecked the form and started stacking block. I stacked and poured while he kept me supplied with material. It worked well. Except for when I fell in first thing this morning (that will wake you up!) and then later when I sat down in the water and forgot my cell phone was in my back pocket. Oh well. I only buy the cheap kind anyway!
So, we hope to finish with the structure tomorrow and I can even do a little cut drawing for ya'll to better show what I did. For now, I have mixed me a good whiskey sour and I am going to relax.


Ron said...

Looks great, Annie. There is no better feeling than rising above the mud, creating order from chaos.

Now when you have visitors, you can tell them you have an in-ground pool. :)

Curmudgeon said...

That would take me about six months, but I don't what I'm doing.

HermitJim said...

Now THAT'S why your my hero! You are just so handy to have around, or at least it seems like you would be!

Sounds to me that a little relaxing road trip is called for after this!

Thanks for the update, my friend!

edifice rex said...

Hey Ron! thanks! yeah, that's a great idea about the pool! lol! instead of a lap pool it's a treading water pool!

Hey Dan! Well, like I said before, I'm winging part of it!

Hey Jim! thanks! I'm handy but I'm aggravating too!
I am going to get to go on a road trip but I don't think it's going to be too relaxing, unfortunately.

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

That's alot of work Annie, I can just tell. lol. Hey it's looking pretty good though. That seems like a good little water system to me. Free water, can't beat that.

Ed said...

"The Big Dig" looks to be progressing nicely.

edifice rex said...

Hey Mark! thanks! this is probably one of the hardest things I've ever done physically. After 5 days of it I'm exhausted. But it will be worth it.

Hey Ed! thanks! the dig went real good but of course, something else has to go wrong.