Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hole In The Ground

Yep. That about describes it. A hole in the ground. So, this is what has occupied my thoughts and time the past couple of days and will continue to for the next several. Wish me luck for the time has finally come. The weather, the money, the time has all lined up and there is no more putting it off. I know I should have done this waaaay back before I ever even built the house but I was anxious to get moved in and the spring was working fine. And it still is now technically but the walls of the hole have continued to slowly erode and so it is time to permanently fix this. The large concrete pipe you see there was originally going to be part of the fix, a major part but it boiled down tot he fact that that pipe was going to cost me between $700.00- $900.00, even though I got it for free. See, it's not really possible to move something like that ( in any controlled manner anyway) without heavy equipment. So, after ruminating over about every other options possible, we are going to bite the bullet and do this by hand. I shall post about it later if I survive.

I suppose most people would gag to know this is where I get my water. The spring is actually quite clean and clear though. It has a little debris in it here because I had been mucking around the hole and knocked some leaves in. The orange paint marks is where it must be dug out to. You can see I have already started on that some. So, I shall return about this later but it may be a couple of days.

Thanks for all the opinions ya'll gave on the gable end thing. One thing I didn't mention that might make a difference is that the area I was questioning about is right over the front door; so it is rather noticeable. I know I didn't show this is the photo and it just looked like a random gable on the end somewhere.

I know also many of you may be thinking, why am I still here? I, being me not you. Wasn't I supposed to go out of town to work? Well, funny you should mention that. I got all ready to go, down to being packed and then no one called. A day went by, then 5 and no one called. They basically drug up on me. No, I was not really pleased. However, they assure me that I will go back to work at least for long enough to make it worth my while for doing all that paperwork etc. So, what do you do? I was looking forward to maybe having the cash to finish the house completely but now at least, I don't have to be away from home. Oh well.


Sissy said...

Yeah, I was wondering how you posted today when supposedly on a construction job. Now I know. That does suck. Hate to hear it. Ha, Annie, I would have given you some expert advice on that gable BUT you know my busy schedule...right? Up to my ears in projects...thinking about projects needing attention. Yet, here I sit like a old setting hen.

Ed said...

I am now imagining the pyramid building scene out of Heston's Ten Commandments movie. Lots of people dragging a pipe using heavy rope the size of a thigh.

Well I guess the bright side to not working right away is that you get the time to do your spring project right without hurrying.

I would trade where I get my water from for where you get your water from any day!

Curmudgeon said...

Years ago I drank out of springs scarier looking than that. My wife filters filtered water now. wrote a short funny one today tell me what you think, It's different I didn't like my last foray into different.

edifice rex said...

Hey Sissy! Well, the job situation has changed once again, so we'll see. I may go yet.

Hey Ed! Ha! I wish I had lots of people to do this, giants ropes or not! It has not been too terrible though. Although having Heston here to part the waters for me would have been handy....

Hey Dan! I'll try to get by there soon and check it out!