Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Late Summer Fair

After my last post I have been anxious to put this one up so that I could show you all that I can relax and did have an enjoyable and fun weekend to counteract the long work week.  I drive home on Friday evenings after work, so that night is usually just spent laying around, but Saturday we got up and went into Birmingham so I could deliver a little pottery to one of my stores and to do some other general errands.  We returned that afternoon in time for the county fair though!  They had a lot more exhibits and such this year I believe.  I thought this poultry pair was beautiful.  I think they said the breed was Coronation Sussex but I could be mistaken.

This feller was so cute but looked like he would bite your hand clean off if you gave him the chance.  Maybe that's just the way he always looks.  I think some people think I have that same look.

 No way in Hell.

Of course there is always something magical about the carousel horses.  I couldn't quite capture the image I had in mind but you get the idea.

And we ate all sorts of crap we probably shouldn't have but it was good and fun.  I always have to get a caramel apple and nachos!

I was trying to get kinda artsy-fartsy with some of these pics and it only succeeded to a small degree.  I'm not much on these kind of rides but enjoy some of the games and all the exhibits.  Fred won several ribbons for his various art and craft work, as usual, and Rurality won a ribbon for one her plant displays along with another friend of ours.

I had thought about entering something but just didn't have time with work and all.  The weather was gorgeous over the weekend and Sunday was spent just relaxing.  Well, that and washing my work clothes.

Today we got rained out at work so I had a little time to relax down here.  I picked up a cold unfortunately, so part of the day was spent napping but after lunch I felt a bit improved and went out for a walk about.  Visited an antique store down the road and the book store.  I found a great old glass storage jar at the antique place for my pantry collection and it was on sale!  So,that's about as exciting as free time gets when you're out of town!  Ha!  At least for me.  Should be back to work tomorrow though as the rain moves out. As they say, 'cain't make no money sittin' at home' and I need to make all I can to make this worthwhile.
I'll try to be back a little quicker next post.  I hope everybody is enjoying this fall weather and, if you're in Texas, some rain!!  If not, maybe you will be soon.


Swamp Dog said...

Looks like you had fun at the fair. I put pictures of our county fair on my blog. I have several pictures of farm crops, vegetables, and fruits. I also had some pictures of antique tractors. If you get a chance, give it a look. I have a link to your blog on my blog by the way, I check yours every day. doublebhomestead.wordpress.com

myself said...

I got left at home this year when everybody went to the fair. Every year I write something to ad to my Co state fair entry. I sure am glad you got some down time if you haven't read the article you would be able to appreciate it. Hope your week goes well.

Phelan said...

Looks like a blast.

edifice rex said...

Hey Dog! Yeah, we had a great time! I do check your blog when I have time and have been meaning to update my blog roll but just haven't had time lately.

Hey Myself! thanks! too bad you didn't make it to the fair this year; maybe next year.

Hey Phelan! Yeah, it was great!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Annie, that fair looked like a fun place to be. We don't have any close by to our small town (darn). Those artsy-fartsy photos looked good to me and NO I wouldn't go on any of those rides either.

Beyond My Garden said...

This was a fun post, good colors and good memories.