Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Sorry, no photos today.  Didn't really have a chance to take anything.  If you've been listening to the weather any you may have heard we've had a bit of a rough couple of days down here.  It's been kinda typical Alabama  weather though.  Friday we were sweating our butts off in 100 degree heat and 4 days later everybody had jackets and sweaters on.  It was especially chilly on the upper floors of the building since they are all still open.  Like the old local saying goes, "welcome to Alabama, bring your entire wardrobe."

We kept busy today inside the building trying to satisfy the seemingly never ending need for handrails.  I believe you could frame a good size house from the lumber we have used just for that.  Perhaps I will get to actually weld soon.  One load of steel did come in last week.
As I gazed over the job site today from many stories up and watched the light rain falling, creating a cold mist that enveloped the workers and work, I realized that I really have reached the time when this is not work that I wish to do anymore.  Half the year it is scorching hot and dry.  Enormous dust devils race us across the open jobs sites flinging grit and stones at us.  The other half, it is bitterly cold and wet.  Southern winter is not like other winters.  The dampness cuts all the way through you with a sharp chill.  The weight of the clothes we wear can only be equaled by the inevitable weight of red clay accumulating on our boots as we slog through the day.
Perhaps I have finally proven everything I needed to prove to myself.  Perhaps I'm just getting lazy.  Whatever the reason, I think I have come to accept this work is no longer for me.  But, I will finish this job and I will be grateful for the money I make to complete what I really want to work on.


Curmudgeon said...

Heat and I don't get along. Last night I was hot. It was only 65 degrees. I turned on the air and the heater kicked on. But yeah here it's a dry cold and a dry heat. I hate it when I realize I can no longer do something. Had a lot of that lately I'm sure it will get better for you. It takes longer than a week to get used to something.

HermitJim said...

Sorry the weather isn't co-operating with you! Maybe it is only trying to keep you from getting bored, ya reckon?

Just hang in there, kiddo! I know you can do it!

At least you are getting a chance to post for us...and we appreciate it!

ignatz said...

wise woman---your priorities and goals are set and you are gutsy enough to do it---congrats, this is the homestretch, may take a year to cross the line but your reward is waiting, with grey fur, chigger toes and chicken feet, to say nothing of the two-legged creature keeping the bed warm for you---sounds like you're all set to me!

Island Rider said...

I know you post this with some melancholy as we all feel both a sense of relief and sadness as we realize it is time to move on in life. I am glad that you had this job to come to that realization so that you didn't spend the rest of your life wishing for another job to come along when in fact, it is not your life's calling any more. It will be exciting to see where the next road takes you.

Caroline said...

Hey, Alabama weather sounds just like South Dakota weather!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The heat here in the South is starting to get to us as well. On the really hot days, you don't hear talk about the temp, but instead it's the heat index. And don't even get me started about the humidity levels. Sounds like you will definitely be ready for retirement when the current job is done and how far off will that be?