Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm Boring Myself....

 I keep telling myself that I'm going to write of some exciting new adventure or perhaps something of an insightful post about what's going on with me, like I used to.  But by the time I finish with work and chores and then supper and a shower, all I feel like doing is sipping a shot of whiskey and letting Jack rub my feet.  Not exactly tales to keep you on the edge of your seat.  We have actually had a few adventures lately, besides the chickens tearing the hell out of the garden.  Oh, and by the way, I get my revenge on them all tomorrow. Ha!!  I'll post pictures. 
I think I'm feeling overwhelmed again by what I have left to finish on the house and can't get my mind wrapped around writing about many subjects because all I'm thinking about is what I need to do to finish the kitchen, the living room etc..  I have decided no more art shows etc. until I get the house finished.  I am simply going to have to make time to do this.
 So, in the meantime, ya'll get more garden pictures.  I know you're thrilled.  I was actually thrilled to see my first little asparagi shooting forth from the soil!  Never fear, they are all still intact and shall remain so for another couple of years. *sigh*

 The blank spots in the back part of the strawberry bed is where there were plants but some damn chickens tore them up.  I actually replanted them and they do have a few tiny, new green shoots on them but I think it will take awhile before they recover.

Thank goodness the chickens didn't ravage my raspberries or they might really have been supper.  The berries are doing well!  I hope to have a big crop.  The first year I pruned these all down to the ground at the being of winter, as the book said, and had a fair crop the next spring but this past winter I only pruned them about halfway.  I think they seem to like that better.

 My tea plants arrived!!!  They were a bit bigger than I expected, so that was good!  I had a bit more clearing to do where they will be planted so they are still on the deck tonight but I should be able to plant them tomorrow.  I'm very excited about this!

This is the area behind the house where they will go.  They supposedly like part shade, part sun and well drained soil.  Well, that's what they got here so we'll see.  Did I mention that I am excited about this?

And here is one more exciting thing!!  Rhubarb!!  I know you're probably wondering why it's in a pot and I assure you it isn't going to stay there.  I had planted, directly in the garden, 2 other large rhubarb roots that I had ordered from a company.  Supposed to be bred just for the south.  Well, they never came up.  Nothing.  So, I was at one of those big box gardening shops one day and happened to see they had a pack of 2 rhubarb roots for sale.  I said 'what the heck'; they were a different type and looked like real roots, not like the black shriveled things I had got in the mail.  (wonder what kinda search engine hits that sentence will get..)  Anyway, I planted them here so I could monitor them a little better and then transplant them to the garden later, on the off chance they grew.  Well, they have grew like crazy!!  And yes, I know it will be another 2 years before I can really cut much of these too, but they are on their way!!

So, that's my exciting post...ha!  Anybody else have anything new or unusual that ya'll are growing this year?


ErinFromIowa said...

I am excited about the tea too! The chosen location looks quite suitable. It also looks peaceful and restorative to the spirits.
I have a braided hibiscus new to my indoor garden.
Here is a link to another blog I read. She shows how she plants her strawberries and asparagus in raised beds. Thought you might like to check it out considering them naughty chickens.

Ed said...

Well I guess I landed on your page and I wasn't searching for shriveled black things either. I was just searching for good reading and I found it... as always!

Rita said...

Today I'm not to excited. Cleaning out my mom's basement and large pole barn and garage. It seems impossible to collect so much stuff over a life time. Besides that so much worthless stuff. I've already used 2 dumpsters over time. Filled them up to the brim. Today will be the same going through stuff. My daughter helps but she has been sick and should not be helping. I'm exhausted but will carry on since I need to rent out the buildings. I hope they will rent for a decent amount. So many spaces for rent here since economy is so bad. My mother always said she would go through this stuff. I don't know how? It appears to me to be 3 life times of bits and pieces. Rusted, broken, in with a few ok things. If I make it through this mess I know I'll be happy on the other side of it all. But sometimes I think she must have hated me to leave me with this mess. She was living a happy carefree life in another state with a good husband. I guess she knew what was best for her. Don't mind me I'm just exhausted and it is the kind of tired that will not pass until this job is done. Thanks for listening......

Floridacracker said...

Tea! That is exciting. I ordered some seeds for tea once too., but didn't get them in the ground in time. There used to be a tea plantation out on an island off Charleston that sold American grown tea. I don't know if they are in business anymore tho.

Phelan said...

Chicken raiding a garden is wonderful info for new to gardening and chickens. Many people don't realize they will do this. I enjoy the mundane and much as the adventures, becuase it's different than mine.

( I am trying to catch up on my blog reading now)

I don't grow tea specifically, so info on this would thrill me. I grow weeds to seep.

Anonymous said...

\I do not find your blog boring. I cannot have a large garden in my yard, but I love to watch the progress of your garden.
Raspberries are my favourite berry, so hope you have a good crop.
Peg on Vancouver Island

thereidss said...

Hey !! I planted Rhubarb this year too. My garden has doubled in size this year and I'm trying out a few new things. I planted a couple of pawpaw trees, their native to the Eastern U.S. they produce fruit that tastes like bananas. The other thing I'm trying is peanuts virgina and spanish varieties.I love your projects. We also have to many going on at the same time and it sure does get overwhelming.

Island Rider said...

This is interesting. Not boring at all!

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! A braided hibiscus? sounds interesting!
Thanks for the link. My strawberries and asparagus are actually in raised beds but it doesn't help with the chickens if they can get within the fence!

Hey Ed! thanks! I appreciate that.

Hey Reet! Oooh, sorry you are having to go through that. I know people who have gone through similar and I may have to also one day. Hang in there and just try to go at an easy pace. Rest when you need to!

Hey FC! In doing some research on growing tea I came across that plantation on a site and I believe they are still in business. There is also a tea plantation in Washington state of all places.

Hey Phelan! Yeah, I've had a lot of people comment on the chicken deal! Many people don't even know they will graze on grass. I guess I dont think about it being informative but you're right, many people don't know.

Hey Peg! Thanks! I hope it's a good crop too!

Hey Reids! I've heard a lot of people say they have planted pawpaws lately. Maybe I should look into that?! I think pawpaws used to grow wild down here. Peanuts sound great! I would imagine you would need to plant A LOT to get a good harvest.

Hey IR! thanks! well, if ya'll think so I'll keep writing about it!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

You got alot of stuff growing Annie. Wish I had some stuff growing, but I find there aint enough time in the day just for getting the house liveable. I would really like to at least get me some asparagus started. I like the stuff that's suppose to keep coming up on there own every year. lol. I aint got a clue, but someday I will. Sounds like your getting Jack trained nicely eh? Must be nice.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Annie, we have a good strawberry crop this year thankfully and no chickens to run amuck through them. Sadly, no raspberries which are one of my favorites too. So when will you be posting those chicken recipes ? :-)

edifice rex said...

Hey Hermit! WEll, Jack has actually proved to be somewhat trainable! Ha!! Country life has been a BIG adjustment for him but he tries hard.
Yeah, crops that come back every year are great! that means less I have to do later! (hopefully)

Hey Bea! these strawberries are bouncing back pretty quick so I may yet get some kinda yield out of them!
I thought at first they were probably dead.

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