Monday, April 02, 2012

Those Old Backroads Again

I suppose I shall always get some perverse pleasure from loading my tools up in Ol' Blue and heading out for the open road. Why, I don't know that I could really say. Joyful associations of my freer and younger days? The simple curiosity to see what is over that next hill? Probably a combination of many things really.

But don't worry dear reader; I haven't reneged on my vow to retire from that life. I just took the weekend to go help a dear friend expand their little vacation house on the river. Being in a flood plain, the house sits up on steel columns and more steel was needed for the expansion, thus the need for a welder. I was happy to help.

It was about 3 hours south of my place and took me to some areas of Alabama I had never seen before. Funny thing, you still see lots of old pecan groves, lots of cattle farms. Just on much flatter land than is around my home.

Nice view when it wasn't covered by my welding hood. Saw lots of ducks and other water fowl. Didn't get a chance to go fishing though. We had to work fairly steadily to be able to get it done over the weekend. Had lots of good food and good company to make up for it however.

Now, this is only about 10 miles south of my place; note the hills in the background. I arrived back at my place about 5:00 p.m. and have been playing catchup ever since, so I may be a little late returning emails or such and now it's way past bedtime. I'll be back soon with more news and photos.


Pablo said...

Road trips are sometimes an essential addition for quality of life.

Ed said...

Back in my younger and single days, I often would throw some camping gear in the back of my car, a camera in the seat beside me and just take off with no map or no destination. My only rule was to stay off four lane roads as much as possible. I would often leave Friday after work and return late Sunday night. Of all my traveling since, those days are some of my brightest and happiest memories.

Anonymous said...


Whenever we can the wife and I love to travel the backroads, you get to see a part of America that Norman Rockwell used to paint about. One of the few good things about getting older is that you finally learn to appreciate the simpler things which turn out to be the best things. Too bad we can't see it when we're younger, part of the journey I guess.

Take care, see you soon.


edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! Agreed!!

Hey Ed! that's funny; sounds exactly like what Jack told me he used to do. I have not traveled as much by myself but am still up for a road trip pretty much any time!

Hey Barry! Yeah, the back roads are the best! Love to see the out of the way places.

Bone said...

I used to like taking a road I'd never taken before, just to see where it went. Literally, not metaphorically. Although maybe I should try both more :)

Love the photo of the glassy lake.

Anonymous said...


Is the last picture across the road from Mitchells's Farm?


edifice rex said...

Hey Bone! thanks! yeah, I think I need to take a few new roads myself!

Hey Barry! yes, that is Mitchell Farm. I wanted to get a pic of their other barn but the sun was in the way!