Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Workin' For A Living

Well, I finally bit the bullet and signed up to do an art/ craft show. I actually like doing the shows because I enjoy getting out and meeting my customers and seeing new places but I hate dealing the state and sales taxes. I mean, I have no problem paying my sales tax; that's fine. It's that the state of Alabama makes it into the biggest ordeal if you declare yourself a business that sells retail. See, if you only sell wholesale, somebody else has to pay the sales tax and deal with them. I like it that way but they, the retailer, also get to take a large chunk of your sales. But I am inevitably going to have to declare myself a business and do some shows to get more income coming in. The stores where I have my work are actually doing pretty good but like I say, they take between 40-50% of the sales. I know that sounds like a horrible amount but by the time I do a show and pay the entry fee, sales taxes, gas to get there, other travel expenses, signage, booth expenses etc. I'm spending probably 40% of my profits anyway.

So anyway, I've been pretty busy making stuff to fill up my stores and then have enough left over to do this show and in between running to Birmingham to deliver work and all.

I've been kinda down too of late. I guess I'm kinda depressed over leaving my construction job. I know that may sound funny and I've written about missing the guys, so ya'll know that part of it. I'm also down because see, I left before I was finished with my work. Some could say I drug up, although I gave Daddy Rabbit over a week's notice. We had talked on a couple of occasions about it beforehand. I know if you have not worked construction you may not see the significance of that but to leave before you finish your part is considered unethical or sorry. There were a number of factors that led to me leaving but one of the main ones is one that kinda makes me feel silly. It was my feet. I have developed a couple of issues with my feet and basically walking is often times extremely painful. Walking or standing all day in heavy boots on concrete is agony at times and if it rained...I would just about be in tears. I have been to the doctor and the inserts he made did help for a while but they have become less effective and his only other suggestion was to shoot me full of steroids. I will NOT go that route. So, I am now trying to find alternative help. I have tried about every kind of insert, padding, prosthetic, etc. they make and not much luck so far. I have plantar fasciitis in one foot and arthritis in both.
So, yes, I'm kinda down. Jack and I wanted to do a lot more hiking and such here and even go back to the Grand Canyon to hike to the bottom and back up. Hell, right now I have trouble walking to the mailbox and back.
But, I'll keep trying to find a solution or some therapy that helps. And I've also tried a number of shoes, boots and all that. So, that's what's going on with me.

Oh, and I want to thank DoubleHomestead for this award that he felt I deserved!! Thanks so much! I do appreciate it and meant to mention it earlier; I've just had a number of things going on and on my mind. My longtime readers know I'm kinda dingy sometimes but I do appreciate every one's readership, emails and comments.


Rich said...

I had problems with my big toes that caused alot of pain in my feet (I slipped and hyper-extended one of my big toes, and dropped a log on the other one once).

Then, I read something about going barefoot and how that would make your feet healthier. It already hurt like hell to put on a pair of shoes anyway, so I figured that I didn't have much to lose and I started going barefoot around the house as much as possible (I was never crazy enough to go barefoot everywhere, although I did go barefoot in the winter at times).

It took a little time, but my feet don't bother me as much anymore.

I can't guarantee that it will work, but it might be worth a try to go barefoot for a while. Even if it doesn't work, there is something valuable about being able to walk barefoot in the snow.

Rich said...

I forgot to mention that contrary to conventional wisdom, going barefoot won't cause you to have more calluses, but will actually help remove them (if anyone's overly concerned about that).

Jenn said...

Hey, when you work until you can't work anymore... you've gone the distance.

Try not to be so hard on yourself. I'm pretty sure your gang is missing you and not dissing you. Anybody else? They are part of the problem, remember?


Rita said...

I have planter fasciitis in both calves and feet. I wear the inserts and I do not set my feet on the floor without them. That includes the bathroom at night. Calcium with D has been a big help. About 6 months after I left my job the pain just slowly went away. Teaching and walking the cement floors all day was hard on my legs. I also exercise them. I slowly pull my foot back from the toes to stretch the calf. It is important not to pull to hard to fast just slow and easy. I buy an Echo brand shoe. Expensive but well worth the cushion. Hope this helps.

Rita said...

Forgot to mention magnesium helps the calcium work and makes a big difference also. I have heard that trying a general mineral supplement would be helpful.

molly said...

I use Krill Oil for the arthritis, it helps. Missing your colleagues is a bugger, but as one door closes another often opens.
You could always have a BBQ and invite your mates over, catch up on the goss and have fun:)
Love the pottery, wish we were in closer proximity I would get some!

Island Rider said...

I LOVE those pots with lids! How much? What colors?

Anonymous said...

I wear MBT shoes. I have had the plantar fascitis as well. All I can work in, or else I don't work. Expensive but well worth it. I used to go through NEW Balance with inserts once per month. Just another thought in the pot.

Deb said...

So sorry to hear about your feet. My job can be physically demanding at times, lifting unwieldly nets over the edge of a boat, and I wonder if I can do this for another 20 years. I hope you find something that eases your pain.

edifice rex said...

Hey Everybody!! thanks so much for all the suggestions and advice! I have tried much of that already; going barefoot, supplements and the stretches and not much helps but I keep trying. My sister, who is an occupational therapist, told me to get a pair of the Sketchers Shape Ups, which are similar to the MBT shoes and not as expensive. I went yesterday and bought a pair and will try those. If they don't help I may try the actual MBT brand. I've tried Merrills and several other brands with no luck. So, we'll see.

On the pottery IR, those little jars are $25; they hold about 10 oz. Great for a sugar jar or such. I redid my pottery page so you can see most of the colors available there.

Anonymous said...

Roll your foot on a frozen water bottle 2 x/ day for a few min. That helps reduce inflammation.
Also the MBT's can be resoled. I just had two pair redone. Make sure you try them on ... toe box is small on closed toes.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Ouch, sorry to read about the painful feet, Annie. I have had problems with plantar fasciitis and even had custom orthotics that I wore, also got cortisone shots. But over the past few years, the pain has only been intermittant and for that I am very thankful. Good luck on doing the craft shows. Grenville and I did local ones for a few years and I know what you mean about the entry costs and hoping to break even.

myamuhnative said...

After 20years of job required steel toe shoes that do horrible things to your feet, I spend my off time in crocs and sketchers. Both of them are pretty darn ugly but my plantar fascitis did resolve itself and the crocs rx version really help my bad back.
Everyone I have asked about MBTs swears by them and one day I plan to break down and fork over the dollars for a pair.Find somewhere to try them on and then buy them from the interwebs- there are deals to be had.

edifice rex said...

Hey anon! thanks! yeah, I learned the frozen bottle trick too. that helps some. I'll have to look around for the MBTs; not sure who would carry them here.

Hey Bea! thanks! this show coming up has a very reasonable entry fee so I'm hoping to come out pretty good.

Hey Mya! I finally broke down and got some Crocs too. They are comfortable but don't help this problem at all. I may try the Rx version.

Curmudgeon said...

Yeah, I understand. My feet recently started getting arthritis. They are flatter than a ducks. Believe me, between back neck and shoulders, I did not need that.

I've agreed to help my wife with a food show for her business and am dreading it, but it will give me some pocket cash.

Dansko shoes used to help some but a good tennis shoe works best now. Hon does exercises that have helped her. I'll as what they are.

Woody said...

I went barefoot and it really seemed to help get me moving again after breaking my pelvis.

Your pottery looks great! Can't wait to see everything glazed. My friends Rob & Willie just fired their groundhog last week. They were very happy with the results. I had a 2 gallon sauerkraut crock that Rob had made for me in this firing. It came out perfect!

Hope you're feeling better soon friend!


Anonymous said...

For sleeping put something [I used an extra pillow] under the blankets to create a pocket for your feet so they do not have to bear the extra weight of the bedding all night. It seems silly, but think about how many hours you sleep and it adds up.
It did take a couple of months but my planter fasciitis in both feet benefited greatly from this and I do not have to do anything any longer.
It doesn't cost a dime, and you just might be surprised how much easier it is to sleep that way.