Friday, November 09, 2012

Making Waves

I meant to post these pictures way before now but kinda forgot about them until tonight.  I just though they were kinda funny, as they show the completely different photography styles between me and Jack.  Let me give you a bit of history first though.  We had bought a little "boogie board"our first day or two down at the beach but, for all the beaches we went to, none really had any waves to speak of.  Until we got to St. George's Island.  I don't know if there was a storm out to sea or what but it was pretty good body surfing conditions.  Now, it was also considerably cooler at St. George's than at the more southern places we had been but Jack was determined we were going to use that darn board no matter what.  So, our first day out on the beach we gritted our teeth, donned our bathing suits and took the plunge!  It really wasn't that bad once you got in the water.  We were the ONLY ones in the water however.

Okay, so I took these first ones of Jack; pretty boring.  My photography I mean, not Jack.  He didn't stay in very long so then it was my turn.

So, here I go.

Waves are getting a little rougher.  Then I guess Jack decided he wanted some better action shots!

 I have not edited these at all.

We had fun at any rate.

The end!!  Haha!


Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

lol. Good to see you guys having some fun.

Sissy said...

Making memories, ain'cha gal? Beautiful shots! Now I'm craving to walk the sands too. Maybe I will...just maybe I can one more time smell the ocean!

Anonymous said...

I've been to St. Joseph's Penisula several time and the water has been very rough there. It is just west of Panama City. Deserted as well and there is a state park there. Love it, the deserted part. Water was foaming it was so rough. I saw the largest sting ray ever there, almost stepped on it. It's tail was big as a garden hose and I thought it was a sea snake..wing/flipper span was probably 5-6 ft. You can find some great shells there as well. Glad you had a wonderful time.

HermitJim said...

Having fun and making memories for later is one of the most important things in life!

Just my opinion!

Ed said...

I have a hard time taking pictures of the ocean because the thing is just too dang big. So I can understand that Jack was focusing on you with his pictures... especially as a newly wed.

edifice rex said...

Hey Mark! thanks! we did have a good time.

Hey sissy! thanks! yeah, a trip to the ocean would be great! I hope you're able to pull it off.

Hey Anon! thanks! I've never been to St. Joseph's but it sounds a lot like St. andrews, another beautiful spot.

Hey Jim! that's right!

Hey Ed! well, he definitely got the better pictures! or more fun anyway. lol!