Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happiness Is A Warm Kiln

If that is true I must be deliriously content right about now!  Over the past few days the kiln hasn't often even cooled completely before I start another firing.  I am reaching the completion of these corporate orders though, so this breakneck pace should be slacking off soon.  I've got it all thrown and mostly bisque fired.  Now, just to glaze and fire the final time.  The lady that runs the gift shop at the State Capital building in Montgomery contacted me recently and wants to carry my pottery there also, so I've been trying to get that order together too.

I've got to have 150 of these little things.  Luckily they are easy and quick to throw.  And yes, I'll make pretty good money on all these orders.  They are a sure paycheck too, whereas a lot of stuff I make is done purely on speculation and consignment. 

So, it's all stacking up and getting ready to be delivered next week.  The bottles to the right are for olive oil/ vinegar or whatever.  They get a little chrome spout that makes pouring not a catastrophe. I only had to make 50 of these.

You can see Chigger and Callie are serious about the business of cheering me on.  Little craps.  They are only concerned with the warmth coming out of that stove.  The bed is big enough for both of them but Chigger will often let Callie have the whole thing.

In a bit of real excitement though, we got our first pullet egg from the young girls today!  As it is a white egg I know it was laid by one of the Brown Leghorns.  I figured they would be the first.  Hopefully, full time production will begin soon!  30 chickens right now and we only get one egg a day!  Several of them have finished their molt so they are just being stubborn and holding out on us. LOL!  Strong little Scooter soldiers on though, laying that one egg every day almost.  Poor thing; I wish the feathers could grow back on her head but I guess she's destined to always look extremely pissed off.

I had to work through Thanksgiving but we did manage a small meal that evening and we had Fred and Allen come down to share it with us.  It wasn't fancy but the whole meal was raised/ produced here on this land and I was very thankful for that.  Well, except for that pie Jack bought.  And the ice cream.  But that's okay.

Well, I know ya'll are getting tired of my pottery so I'll try to find something else to write about next time.  Of course, the holidays are always fodder for rants but I've done that a number of times already.  So, we'll see.  Maybe I can come up with a story of some type.


ErinFromIowa said...

I'm not tired of the pottery! Just being quiet here in Iowa. Had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. My two youngest daughters and their boyfriends made the meal. Awesome.

Pablo said...

I'm not tired of your pottery posts.

Rurality said...

Your pottery is gorgeous as usual! Which chicken types of yours lay throughout the winter? Only our Orps and Easter Eggers (when we had them) have done that, if I'm remembering correctly.

Floridacracker said...

You are becoming famous!
I love that your pottery biz is taking off.
They are really beautiful.
Congrats on the first egg too!

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! Glad you had such a great Thanksgiving! That is awesome.

Hey Pablo! Well...okay. If you say so. lol!

Hey Karen! Thanks! My Barred Rocks all laid continually, although they did slow down just a bit. And any Leghorn is supposed to. And I think the New Hampshires too because they are a northern breed.

Hey FC! well, I don't know about! Maybe one day. Thank you and I'm glad it's taking off a bit more too!

HermitJim said...

Who could ever get tired of your pottery post! I really like those little bottles, and a hundred uses come to mind for them!

Have a great day, my friend!

Sissy said...

Tired? You must be pulling my leg. I love everything about your blog. Oh, coming up in the world eh, with the pottery - wonderful! I hope you make a million plus come someday. I love the small blue stack, and the bottles too. Pure artistry, all of it.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! thanks! yeah, you could use those bottles for all types of stuff! I need to make one or two for myself.

Hey Sissy! thanks! you are too kind! well, I don't know that I'll ever get rich but it would be nice to make a little more money! lol!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Never get tired of seeing your work, Annie, whether it's the pottery or what's going on in the garden with the chickens, etc. Glad to read that the sales are going so well.

Caroline said...

I love the blue glazes you are using!