Sunday, December 23, 2012


Yes!!! it's over!!  My holiday rush is over!!  We made the last delivery on Friday and then took the rest of the day to relax and piddle around town some and on Saturday I didn't do much of anything but look for a Christmas tree.  I suppose you could find a lot of things to complain about in my state, and many people do, but I have to say that in this area the Buy Local/ Buy Small Business movement is well supported and I am very grateful for that.

I was telling my Mom that about every time I made a delivery, which was 3 times this past week, almost all that I had previously delivered would already be sold.  That's a great feeling even though it has worn me out!
Now I have time to relax a little though and enjoy the holidays.  I know a lot of people would be saying, "but Christmas is almost here and will be over soon; you missed it!"  Well, ya'll know I don't adhere to convention so the holidays are just starting to me.  I have until January 5th (or 6th) to celebrate!!  The way it's supposed to be!

I'll be doing another Mug Giveaway this year too!  I'm doing one on Facebook too but this will be separate.  However, I would ask that you only participate in one or the other if we are FB friends.  But of course, ya'll would understand that already.

So yesterday, Chigger, Callie and I headed up into the woods in search of the perfect tree.  It has been raining here quite a lot lately but cleared up and gave us a window of opportunity.  We really enjoyed just hiking in the woods and taking our time.  I found 4 trees that were newly blown over from a storm.  It must have been quite a storm because these were fairly large hardwoods and they have just been snapped over.  They would make excellent firewood but getting to them would be an ordeal.
So, I finally made a tree selection and whacked it down.  It was really good exercise getting that thing back to the house even though it was mostly downhill from where I cut it.  They always look smaller outside and then you get them in the house and it's like the Griswold family tree!  Oh well, I have the room for it so what the heck!  Here you can see Chigger and Callie standing guard over the tree against the chickens.  No pooping on the tree!!

Grendal says the hell with all that work, I'm going to take a nap!  She got her new bed a little early for Christmas because she's not been feeling well.  I had to take time last week also to take her to the vet when I noticed she was having a lot of labored breathing.  Turns out Ms. Grendy Cat has asthma.  Really bad asthma.  She got a couple of shots and the vet was real nice and explained her treatment options.  The shots seem to have helped but due to possible bad side effects we don't want her to have to take them a lot if it can be helped.  I'm going to try a homeopathic treatment I found and if that doesn't work she may have to use an inhaler (yes, they actually make such a thing) as they say the inhalers don't have as many side effects.

So, I hope to be back soon with more Christmas and other posts!  I hope all of ya'll are having a nice weekend and maybe even off work for a few days.

Oh yeah, to Hayley:  thanks for the tip on your aunt's store.  I will certainly check it out.  I had been wanting to find a place in Gadsden and have been up there a few times over the past year or so but hadn't come up with anything.  They've really fixed downtown up nice and I figured there had to be some galleries or something there that would be a possible market.


HermitJim said...

Sounds like the hard work is paying off for ya! Might pick up a few repeat customers out of this!

I'm happy to hear that you are taking some holiday time to relax and kick back! That's always a good thing.

Happy Holidays, my friend!

tammy (grendel fan) said...

Happy holidays!
So sorry poor grendel is not feeling well. Her new bed is really nice though.
Looking forward to the cup giveaway and congrats on the successful sales of your wares. I'm happy to see you come into your own.

Jenn said...

Pets to Grendal. Hope she feels better. Kind of crazy with your clean owner-built home that she'd end up with asthma. Life is full of quirks!

Merry Christmas, may all twelve days bring you joy.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! Merry Christmas to you! yeah, it's nice to relax a bit and I fully intend to do lots of that!

Hey Tammy! Happy Holidays to you! thanks; it's nice to have all this work paying off a bit too. Grendal is feeling a good bit better these days and she LOVES her bed.

Hey Jenn! Merry Christmas to you! thank you. She is feeling a good bit better I think. She has actually had asthma for longer than I've lived here but it was so mild it really didn't bother her much. This is the first place I've had a wood burning stove and I suspect that may be part of it getting so bad, plus her just getting older.

Ed said...

Merry Christmas Annie!

Now that your list has been filled, slow down a bit and enjoy the holidays.

By the way, I sent you an email a couple weeks ago with dimensions and pictures of the dutch oven. It may have gotten lost in the email of the season. Let me know if you didn't get it.

pamit said...

I really like the new pic at the top of your blog, of the icy woods and black black water...and the pottery is just gorgeous, Annie. Merry Xmas to you!

Sissy said...

There I go, lusting for "Pottery by Annie"! Happy days to you and Jack also. I smiled on my walk back from the box this morning. You are very thoughtful, Annie. Thank you. I needed that.

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! Merry Christmas!! I intend to do just that; in fact, I started being a slug Saturday! lol!
I did get your email with the dimensions etc. I have just been so hammered with work lately I hadn't had time to formulate a reply and sometimes if I don't answer right away I forget about it momentarily. Sorry! I'll get back with you about that. It shouldn't be any problem to make what you are wanting.

Hey Pam! thank you! I like that picture too! and Merry Christmas to you!

Hey Sissy! You are welcome! I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you. I hope you have a peaceful holiday. Merry Christmas!

Ed said...

Don't worry Annie, I'm hitting the road the day after Christmas for Alabama and Florida and won't be around email for a couple weeks so take your time. I'm in no rush. Happy holidays!

Floridacracker said...

Merry Christmas!