Saturday, December 29, 2012

Warm Tummies

 Blustery...No better word to call to mind the sleet and wind swept days of this past week.  Damp, bone-chilling cold with marshmallowy, grey clouds that settle so low on the surrounding hills and mountains it's hard to tell where earth ends and the heavens begin.  Days and nights best spent next to a warm fire and an equally warm drink.
I fully intended to be a slug this week and rest up from the holiday production rush but I honestly didn't mean to carry it this far!  I haven't done crap basically and Jack and I have really been enjoying ourselves.  We actually got a wild hair and went to the Big Town for half a day just to get out.  We had a nice lunch and hit a couple of stores we like.

I have been cooking a little but saving the grand effort for New Years Day.  I took that turkey leftovers and made this wonderful pot pie.  I don't mean to sound like I'm bragging; I mean, it wasn't my recipe, I just copied what somebody else had done.  It was wonderful though and the pastry topping was really nice.  Fresh out of the oven it was the perfect thing for a cold, winter's day and there was enough of it to last for 2 suppers and a couple of lunches.  (Supper in the South is what most people refer to as dinner.)

If any of you would like the recipe I'll be happy to share.  So, every scrap of that ol' turkey got ate up and we certainly appreciated it.

Don't worry though, we don't leave the animals out of it!  Chigger always get a warm meal and I often fix a warm oatmeal and rice breakfast for the girls.  They LOVE oatmeal and they are steadily laying more and larger eggs.  We should be back to selling eggs soon.  That will be good as feed prices have continued to rise.  I'm so thankful we went to the trouble to get these hens and provide a good place for them to live and in return they provide us with a wonderful (and tasty) protein source.  I'm even going to try an authentic eggnog for our New Year's celebration, since we have such a surplus of eggs.

I am going to have to start supplementing their food with a little more greens from the garden though.  Since the cold has really hit, the grass is gone and they really love any greens we can come up with.  I'll tell ya'll a little more about my plans in another post.
All in all it's been a lovely, quiet week and I've been feeling rather blessed.  I hope you all have time to relax also and maybe grab a nap and snuggle here and there. 


JMD said...

Well, I share with you the sentiments about cold. Geesh. How about sharing the recipe for the turkey pie? I need a good one. Thanks :-)

HermitJim said...

I never knew that chickens liked oatmeal!

Nothing wrong with just hanging out and "resting" this time of year!

Just think of it as an energy saving activity!

Sissy said...

I would like to make the pie. That crust looks perfect. Happy that you both feel blessed. Perfect. Happy New Year to you two Snugglers.

edifice rex said...

Hey JMD! Sure thing; I'll post it soon!

Hey Jim! Oh yeah, they love any hot cereal like that; oatmeal, rice, grits or a combination!

Hey Sissy! The crust was awesome! Happy New Year to you also Sissy!

Island Rider said...

We had turkey pot pie this week, too! A great way to use up leftovers. Glad you are getting to rest this week. We have been going ninety miles an hour, but the wedding is over and my house almost back to normal.

pamit said...

Happy New Year Annie! Thanks for the final "chix pic" of 2012! Plus you've inspired me to make my vegetarian shepherd's pie tonight (YES, I am staying in!)

edifice rex said...

Hey IR! So glad the wedding went well; it looked wonderful!

Hey Pam! Happy New Year to you too!! we are staying in too! lol!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Happy New Year to you both. The turkey pot pie looked yummy and will be looking for that recipe post too. We've had a great holiday and now the post Christmas road trip is underway as of New year's Eve in PA. See you in 2013.

Anonymous said...
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Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

The turkey pie looks great. Sadly I eat at a friends house and have no leftovers.

All the best in the the New Year.