Wednesday, December 05, 2012


 I've really been trying to come up with a decipherable post but it just seems my brain has atrophied over the past few weeks.  I know it's mostly because I'm tired and basically, I just can't think that abstractly when I get that tired.  I can ramble, sure!  but just not put together something with much merit.  The pots you see above are just a few of the many in one last corporate order that I just unloaded from the kiln.  This is good.  This means the hard deadline pressing stuff is over.  Of course, I do still have to keep producing at a pretty good clip to keep up with holiday demand but it's not stuff somebody has already paid for basically.  I get done what I get done, ya know?.

 The ol' harvest pumpkin was getting a little aged so I spilled his guts all over the yard for the chickens to rummage through.  They seemed to like it okay but didn't really go bonkers for it.  They still peck at it on and off.
Much has been going on around here besides pottery.  I'll try to bring ya'll up to current on the next post.  Just some house stuff Jack could do on his own and new chicken stuff also.

I've been mulling over my continued writing here and think I may have found a solution.  I have thought about many things, including just to stop blogging, but I don't think I really want to.  I think I just need to kind of refresh my technique or style.  You know, when you're single you can write pretty much anything you want, in any way you want.  But if you are married you often must consider whether the other person even wants to be written about or how to include such things.  Ya'll know I've always been pretty frank about things here, raw even at times, but that kinda hasn't felt right lately.  On the other hand, you don't want to bore the hell out of everybody either..
Just as an artist (me!) might explore an artistic concept through a series of related sculpture, and then move onto another series when they have exhausted that concept, I feel maybe it's time to move into another concept on this blog.  The problem is...I'm just not sure what that concept is!  I'll keep working on it though.

So, here's one last gratuitous chicken picture for you, for now.  Several of the chickens love to come into my studio while I'm working and just piddle around.  They seem to especially be interested if I'm playing music.  Little Willie here found the atmosphere so enjoyable the other day she decided to rest a spell with me.  I think maybe she's kinda low in the pecking order and seeks some peace away from the other hens.  Or maybe she just enjoys watching me.  At any rate, she chatters very cheerfully when I speak to her and really seems to enjoy getting to come inside the human's room.


Phelan said...

I always read my posts to husband, just to be sure he is ok with them. Most the time he just winks at me.

I wish you luck in your new technique.

Caroline said...

Your chickens may not go bonkers for the pumpkin, but my local deer will handle that for you. See blog post from 11/18. I will gladly trade. :o)

ErinFromIowa said...

Awww... Little Willie's my favorite.

pamit said...

So cool the chickens get to come into your studio from time to time. That Willie is a looker!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Willie likes teh warmth from the kiln?

edifice rex said...

Hey Phelan! Thanks! I think it will probably be a subtle change to most readers. Maybe. lol!

Hey Caroline! you know, I never thought about that! oh, I got PLENTY of deer here; a real nuisance sometimes.

Hey Erin! yeah, she's a real sweetheart.

Hey Pam! Oh yes, they love to visit, especially the Specks.

Hey Anon! Could be! I don't remember if I had the kiln or the stove running that day but there is a very good chance of it.

Anonymous said...

I've always found you to be an easy read. You just have that potion patented. I know I've changed over the years. Thank god for that!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hey whatever direction you decide to go in, just go and enjoy. We have also been blogging less these days for lots of reasons., but haven't thought of giving it up entirely (not yet). And often we do share our posts with one another in advance, or sometimes just kick around ideas (or not). Glad to read you might be able to catch a break soon.