Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

After I read Pablo's comment in the last post I admit, I felt kinda bad.  I didn't mean to sound so gloomy.  It was just my usual pissing and moaning that comes and goes about like the phases of the moon.  I have noticed for some time that the demeanor of this blog had been changed and I guess it occurred to me, finally,  that some of the emotion was gone that used to be here.  I used to rant a good bit about Wal-Mart and rampant consumerism and all that sort of thing but I guess I've lost my taste for it.  Oh, I still hold all the same beliefs I used to (believe me), and I've never been under the delusion that my opinions ever influenced anybody, but it has just felt like beating a dead horse I suppose.
I've been frustrated with my body and it's apparent attempt to cause me misery at every turn.  And with the doctors that really seem not able to care any less.  I've come to the conclusion that 90% of them are just legalized drug dealers anyway.  If you can't or won't take their drugs they seriously have no knowledge of anything else to do.  To give you an example of how desperate I've been lately for some relief I actually tried 2 different prescriptions and a couple of doses of steroids.  The 'scripts had bad side effects and after 5 days I had to stop.  Do the docs have any alternative plan or treatment?  Nope!  Just nothing.  So, I've been trying to figure it out myself.
Another honest confession; I've had trouble writing posts for probably over a year now.  I have trouble organizing my thoughts enough to write, as you can probably tell.  ha!  I forget a lot.  My hand coordination has gotten worse and I spent as much time correcting my typing as I do typing.  I drop things a lot  that I used to have no trouble holding on to.  But I know, I know!!, that I am so much better off than many people.  I can still do most anything I want to do.  Maybe not as fast as I used to...but I can do it!  It is life though.  You adapt, you get by, you figure a way.  I think I have figured out some stuff and I am working on improving.

The garden this year is a good example of all this.  It's been so cool here that things are not like they usually are.  I have yet to harvest enough okra to make a dish for supper.  That's unheard of for mid-July in Alabama.  The tomatoes are finally coming in but I haven't had enough to can yet.  My Romas are very prolific but very small, like plum tomatoes, so I have been drying them instead of canning.  I've never tried that before but I can't bear to waste them and I think the chickens are even getting a little tired of tomato scraps.  The potatoes didn't do a whole lot but I had a good harvest of garlic and the rhubarb is still hanging in!  The first round of figs got wiped out by frost but they actually sprouted again so we'll have figs but very late in the season.  The cukes got borers in them so I may not get to make many pickles this year but amazingly enough the squash is untouched.  And it goes on and on.  We will make do with what we did get, maybe buy enough to can of what we didn't get and we'll try it all again next year.  I know I've learned a thing or two from this season that I can hopefully remember next year.

Really, things not going your way are often a blessing.  Makes you look at stuff from a new angle, try things you've never tried before and that can end up being a very good thing.


HermitJim said...

I reckon it's true that experience is the best teacher!

I think we all go through a case or two of the blahs from time to time. I know I do!

ErinFromIowa said...

How are the tea bushes doing?

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! Oh yeah, everybody goes through it.

Hey Erin! they are alive but really not doing much. I need to do a bit ore reading on them and maybe move some to a sunnier location.

Sissy said...

If we didn't have the "nahblah" times, we couldn't fully appreciate the "Ah" and "Oh, Wow!" times; now could we?
I dried lots and lots of those tiny 'maters. Pleased. Ate a bushel of the sun-kissed gems off the vine that summer. The gardens haven't done well for two years; talking about a nahblah experience. No one's garden around here is flourishing. I believe you can count yourself lucky by comparison.

Rhubarb cooked then spread on a parchment sheet and dried makes a delicious snack. You oughta try that!

May we all enjoy our summer. The locust leaves are browning already whereas when young, I saw them turn in September. Early winter? I hope not.

Floridacracker said...

Hey Annie,
Sorry to hear you are hurting. I wish I had some great advice. My garden has drowned this summer with the constant rain.

I hope things brighten up and that your aches diminish.

Ed said...

It's been a cool summer up here and though a tad bit on the dry side, we aren't parched like last year. Normally I read your posts and have to wait two or three weeks to catch up in the garden produce game but this year, we've been neck and neck.

Rich said...

On top of all that, the worst thing I see is that there ain't enough okra to make a decent gumbo.

Last summer the drought was so bad that I didn't have any okra at all in the garden, I was starting to go into gumbo-withdrawl-itis (Sunday night is gumbo night and the world is a very glum place when I don't get my gumbo), and with great despair I was finally reduced to going to the grocery store to BUY okra. It was indeed a shameful day in Rich's garden when Rich had to pay for okra that usually grew like a weed in the garden.

But this year I've got a bumper crop of okra, can make gumbo on Sunday night, and all is better with my world.

If finding a non-nitwit doctor was as easy as impatiently waiting for it to rain the world would be a better place.

edifice rex said...

Hey Sissy! Yes, we are lucky really with our garden this year, even with a few setbacks. I really hope we don't have an early winter also; blah!!

Hey FC! thanks!! the sun is out today so that helps greatly!

Hey ED! that's very interesting..I've read a few other northern blogs also that sound as if they are actually having warmer weather than we are!

Hey Rich! Oh, tell me about it! it is certainly a slap to have to buy veggies! Glad you got your gumbo though! from your own okra!!