Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Knock On Wood

I've really been trying to make a concerted effort lately to finish up a lot of half-started projects around the house, organizing and decorating in areas of the house that are mostly finished.  To that extent, I've gotten a couple of new pieces of furniture and some art and photos framed and hung.  I figure it will all help motivate me to keep plugging along to finish everything.  Now, this sideboard is not new at all really.  It was built sometime in the 1920's and has been in our family since then.  No one else seemed to want it but we didn't want it to be given away or get messed up so I took it to use in the living room.  My grandmother's husband was the warden at Kilby Prison in south Alabama for a number of years in the 20's and this piece was built by a few of the inmates at the time, so it makes for a good conversation piece.  It's probably the only material thing in my family that has much value.  Anywhoo, it had been stored away for years so I got it out, cleaned it up and refurbished the finish a bit.  Basically just re-oiled it and cleaned some stains off of it.

So, now it is our entertainment center I guess you would say.  I can't stand to see dvd's and that sort of thing so we can hide at least part of Jack's overly large movie collection.  I replaced the plain glass in the doors with architectural glass and replaced the drawer pulls with bronze ones that matched the knobs on the doors.  I did make a little removable shelf for the bottom to put the stereo system on.  I've always liked the sideboard as it has a vague Craftsman style to it.  It's fairly well made and still in excellent shape too.  Now I just need to trim out that one last window to the right of it.  Ugh!

Now, we will not speak of how long this little cabinet has been hanging around in the basement but I finally got it cleaned up and finished, installed the hinges and door, etc etc. and hung it in the bathroom.  I thought it came out nice but I think I want to replace that glass with a colored/ textured something kinda glass because the clear, textured just still shows too much of what is in the cabinet.  I had thought about making a very simple, stained glass window type panel for the door but for now I just need it done and functional.  I can do the other a couple of years from now.  Maybe.
So, that is just a bit of an update.  I am trying hard to keep my motivation up and I've been feeling pretty good lately so that helps.  Seeing more and more finish work done helps a great deal too because I can see just how cool things are going to look all finished.  My cabinet maker guy is going to be back out in about 2 weeks to measure for the built in bookcases that go beside the fireplace so that area is shaping up nice too.  It's really going to be great!  I'm excited about it!


Sissy said...

A beautiful piece for sure. A friend redid an heirloom dining room sideboard into a bathroom cabinet to set the sink. Innovation...that's what it's all about.

Ed said...

They just don't make furniture like they used too. That is why some of the better pieces of furniture I own have been bought at auctions or estate sales.

My family had lots of heirlooms at one time. Most got lost when my great grandparents moved to Iowa and one of their two shipping containers of possessions never made it and was never found. What heirloom furniture survived was a walnut and marble bedroom set and that was given to my uncle. As he was going through a nasty divorce, his ex-wife sold all that over the internet for a song. So now I am stuck with other families heirlooms and what heirlooms I make that my great grandchildren may fight over someday... I hope!

Rich said...

I couldn't tell you where I saw it, but it seems like I saw a cabinet with glass like that somewhere that had a simple piece of artwork installed behind the glass to give it a sorta stained glass look from the outside.

You could take your stained glass ideas, put them down on paper or canvas, hang them behind the glass, and "fine-tune" your stained glass work a heckuva lot easier than remaking an actual stained glass piece.

edifice rex said...

Hey sissy! thanks! yeah, I've seen people turn the tables and such into sink cabinets. Pretty cool idea.

Hey Ed! Gah!! that's a shame ya'll have lost so much stuff that way!
And yes, it's hard to find really nice furniture these days. Most of it is so cheaply made I just can't bring myself to buy it.

Hey Rich! Boy, i was wondering where you were! I was afraid those OK tornadoes might have gotten you! Good to hear from you!
That sounds like a pretty cool idea for the cabinet; I may have to try something like that.

pamit said...

It's nice to see house ideas "come together", especially with a beautiful and totally unique piece of furniture like that sideboard. Really nice! --I think the bathroom cabinet door would look great with a simple piece of frosted glass; the design is so simple, it might be overwhelmed by something fancier. Just my 2c!

edifice rex said...

Hey Pam! thanks! yeah, it helps a great deal to see stuff starting to finish up. and yes, I think something very simple would be best too. I would like something with just a touch of color but mostly opaque.

JO said...

I love, love the sideboard. You sure did right by it just cleaning it up a bit. Makes me nuts to see people paint that stuff and then sand some off. Your bathroom cabinet is great too. Keep on keeping on and you will finish soon.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Nice looking piece, Annie, and better yet that you rescued it when it wasn't wanted by anyone else. It looks like it's new home suits the piece fine.

edifice rex said...

HeyJo! thanks! yeah, i hate that distressed look! no need to hide beautiful wood grain.

Hey Bea! thanks! yes, it's working great here.