Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Of Discontent

It occurred to me that I don't seem to rant or "vent" as much as I used to via this outlet.  Of course, having constant male companionship doesn't leave my evenings open as much as it used to and the darkened hours when you are alone are a fine time to conjure gripes and tirades.  Honestly though, I don't know if it's that Jack has had that much of a calming effect on me or have I reached the conclusion of what the hell does it really matter anymore.  The storms and aches of the past few days are about enough to convince me of the latter.  Actually, I had felt pretty good until today.  We have had somewhat hot but sunny days and I have finally caught up on some pottery orders.  But the lightning came again today, jarring the earth and my sore bones along with it.  Perhaps there is something to the electromagnetic fields that accompany the downpours.  Or perhaps it's just the side effects of a new round of prescriptions that I don't want to take to begin with.  Whatever the reason, I have what can best be described as, a crappy attitude.  A sore ass, as we used to say on the job sites.

The gardens are enjoying the water and I'm grateful not to have that extra work.  Not that I have to worry much about it.  Jack tends to take care of the garden growing and I pick up for the harvesting.  The chickens make me happy yet and somewhat fill the hole left by Grendal's passing.  I make a point of going out at least once a day to sit amongst them on one of the many large rocks in the yard.  As soon as I am seated Susie and PeePee usually come running in their awkward, penguin-like trots to be the first one up in my lap.  It is physically impossible to watch them and not smile.  After they make themselves comfortable they proceed to chatter away while I scratch their backs.  Occasionally they will stop and look right at me, as if they are expecting a reply and in those moments I always feel somewhat self-conscious at my obvious lack of understanding.  I take a stab at what seems to me to be the same sort of chirupping sounds but as they resettle in their position on my leg and nod off with a shake of the head, I believe they are just resigning themselves to the fact that I will never learn to talk properly.

My good Russian friend came out Friday and brought her class of 4 art students so they could learn a bit about clay work and make a couple of small things for themselves.  Sveta is a lot of fun and always insist on bringing food when she visits, and I had plenty from the garden, so we had a nice lunch after class.  I'm not sure how much they learned about clay but the kids learned what a good, honest-to-goodness, real tomato is supposed to taste like and that may have been more important anyway. 
So, they are calling for more rain in the week ahead and I hope they are wrong for at least part of it.  I hope this fog lifts off my head also and lets a little sun shine in.  I could use a bit of sunshine.

*Edit:  I have temporarily removed the word verification and we'll see how badly I'll be inundated with spam. lol!


HermitJim said...

Don't let the stormy weather get you down, my friend! I think it affects all of us a little this way!

Hope things get cleared up a bit for ya!

JO said...

We are also into the rains, with lots of thunder and very bright lightening. But it is the rain that really seems to never stop. The mornings are sunny so you grab what you can.

Caroline said...

Lots of t-storms in western SD, too! New roof to come because of hail damage, but the rain has been welcome. The midsummer wildflowers on the plains are as abundant and beautiful this summer as I have seen them in a long time. Ma Nature is a fickle creature sometimes.

Caroline said...
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edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! I'm feeling much better today and even got a bit of work done in the yard, so that makes me happy!

Hey Jo! Yeah, I try to schedule garden work in the mornings because it's usually rainy by afternoon.

Hey Caroline! Ooh, that's crappy that your roof got messed up! We've been lucky so far with the lack of hail here. Hopefully that will continue.

Pablo said...

Let's say that you're right and none of it really matters in the short term or the long term. That leaves you with whatever attitude you care to bring.

I wish there was some magic wand I could wave to make your life perfect, but then the striving and reacting would end, and what kind of life would that be?

Whatever your gripes, you're stronger than they are, and I always, ALWAYS enjoy learning your views and your copes and your solutions.

Keep it up, Girlfriend!

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! Aww, than you very much. I really do appreciate that. I didn't mean to sound SO down really. lol! I guess I've just been frustrated by a lot of things lately.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Oh yeah for removing the word verification, Annie. It was such a pain (putting it mildly) to get those letters and numbers right the 1st time. I have not had spam in quite a long time and I think we are using the Registered Users setting (not sure). Maybe spammers lost interest in blogs? Wish we had a little of those rains here. The crabgrass is dying off, but our little garden could use a thorough soaking. Hope you are feeling better as the week goes on.

pamit said...

Coming to this post late, Annie, but...just want to say I loved loved, LOVED your description of sitting with the hens. Despite what you say in the next post, I think you write extremely well! Always enjoy your posts.