Sunday, January 12, 2014

Strange Changes

     Well, I would really like to post that my health issues are clearing up and everything is getting back to normal with many posts about future projects and work coming up.  However, that sadly is not the case and I feel bad about continuing to come here writing about the same old stuff.  But then, I feel that maybe I should just make myself write about anything to keep from falling into a state of apathy.  I have ideas, stories, pictures..but when I sit down I find myself just staring blankly at the screen.  Nothing seems relevant.  The incredible brain fog I was having has lifted to a fair extent but that reprieve has only been replaced by more pain, coughing and nausea.  I can stand a fair amount of pain but nausea is something I just can't stomach.  Ha!!  At least I can still make corny jokes.  Thank God for that and Zofran.
     I had read in the past and heard from others that extended illnesses can make the person feel extremely isolated and I would have to agree.  People just don't like being around sick people and in a way you can't blame them.  I suppose that is one reason I insist on continuing this connection.  It affords me some contact with others and lets me give Jack some relief. 
     There is also some benefit to this situation in that it gives me lots and lots of time to think about stuff I want to do without my normal headlong rush into things before I've fully thought it out.  Of course, I'm sure I'll still screw up plenty when I do get back to working but I have put lots of thought, scribblings and sketches into various projects that I think will be very successful when I'm done with them.  I normally work quite a lot on the trial and error method; I don't always know exactly how something is going to be when I start working, so I think this extended planning time will be beneficial.  Or that's what I'm going to tell myself anyway. 
     We survived the hideous cold without much ado and the past couple of days have been gorgeous, near 60 F.  They are forcasting a little snow in a couple of days though.  Such is the South.  I putter around the garden and clean house.  I managed to erect a little screen around my brussel sprouts and so have let the chickens into the garden.  They appreciate the last remaining greenery and new areas to search for bugs but they are still not above begging for treats whenever I go out.  Numerous seed catalogs are arriving in the mail and I really need to go through my inventory and see what needs restocking.  I suspect many of my seeds are really out of date and need to do a good culling also.  Maybe that would be a good project for tomorrow.  It's supposed to be rainy again.  We had a wonderful, prolonged thunderstorm roll through in the wee hours a couple of days ago, or so Jack said.  Anti-nausea med caused me to sleep completely through it unfortunately.  I know many who do not enjoy storms but I have always loved those stormy pre-dawn hours.  It is pure bliss to lie in a warm bed watching the lightning accompanied by the swells of rain on a metal roof.  I suppose my perverted pleasure comes from all those cold, stormy mornings I had to get up and drive to a muddy jobsite in the dark, only to be told a couple hours later we were rained out.  Oh, on really bad days we could just stay home but if you opted to go in you at least got "driving time" and sometimes they could come up with enough inside stuff that you could make a day.  Having once been a job clerk I could often work on those days helping the boss with paperwork.  Ha! I guess that was another reason to like stormy mornings; easy work for carpenter pay. 
     Welp, guess that's all for now.  Oh, the doctor from UAB/ Kirklin is still trying to help me figure this thing out.  Cool, huh?  I suppose if anybody can it'd be those people.  I'm not even going to try anymore to make any guesses about what's going on.  I think he has an idea though and I will probably go in for another test or two before long but that's all I got to say about that.


HermitJim said...

Sounds like you at least have a plan of action...and that's a good thing!

You just post whatever you want and we'll be right here to take it all in!

Rita said...

So glad to read your post this morning. But sorry you are feeling this bad. Being sick to your stomach has to be the worst!! Hopefully this doctor will give you more help and you will be well before you know it. That would be wonderful. I'll be hear reading your posts as you feel well enough to write them.

Ed said...

Hopefully you get this figured out. I'm not sure how much this applies to you down south but up here, I would rather deal with illnesses during the winter anyway when there are less things to do or miss out on. During the warm months it always seems like there isn't a good time to feel crappy.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! thanks man!

Hey Rita! Yeah, I am anxious to get over this. But if anybody can help I believe it would be this doctor.

Hey Ed! Oh I totally agree. It really killed me that I was so sick through the fall because that is a fabulous time in the south to work outside or do fun things.

Sissy said...

I can fully emphathize about crappy health issues. Every day I hope the next will become one without feeling gosh-awful and that I'll have some energy.

At least, it sounds like you have good medical backup. Hope so, anyway and that all your issues soon fade away. Spring's coming so we all gotta get ready and feeling brand new for it. Yay!

Nausea is BAD. I find a bit of bicarbonate of soda in a couple oz. water helps tremendously for that and other problems also. It is a Wonder Drug, I've found.

Island Rider said...

Having some health issues of my own so I know how you feel. I waffle between wanting people to feel sorry for me and wanting them to treat me normally. Never satisfied. I am glad that you are keeping track of the projects you want to do. Gives one hope for the future. Praying for you.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Sorry to read that the health issues are not improving, Annie, but as you said it's good to keep posting and keep the connection going. Speaking for Grenville and myself, we would surely miss reading your blog and we understand that while it's not going in the direction you would hope now, it's good to keep going to let us all know how you are doing, even when it's been a crappy day.

edifice rex said...

Hey Sissy! Yes, spring is coming so I've GOT to get over this!! I've tried the soda and while it works great for reflux and acid it doesn't help me at all for nausea. Ginger sometimes helps though.

Hey IR! oh no! I didn't realize you have been having problems. Hope things improve for you soon and thanks for any prayers.

Hey Bea! Thanks! well, I hope things will start improving before long.