Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Storms

 I had a few people contact me about the storms last night so I thought I'd do a quick post to let ya'll (who might be interested) know we are fine.  It got interesting about 11:00 last night as we had one storm showing rotation heading just about right for us and a larger storm just south.  They both passed just on either side of where I am, leaving us in the clear.  There was some damage outside of town but it seemed to be mostly trees; I don't think there were any houses or buildings damaged.  It was enough however, to take our power out for about 8 hours though.  It's obviously back on now and I'm grateful for that.  Thank you for ya'll's concern and looks like we get to go though it all again this afternoon.  Yay.
Edit:  I just found out there were some houses damaged in the area but no one was killed.  Thank goodness.

One of my favorite gardening hacks is to wait until right before a rain to plant or transplant anything.  I hate hauling water for that, so I let the storms water them in for me.  My tea plants have not done so well where I first planted them, so I moved 2 down to an area I hope will be better for them.  It's shady and stays more moist, which I think is what they were lacking.  It's not wet and boggy though so I don't think they'll be too wet.  If you are wondering about the pink tape, that is to keep Jack form mowing down or pulling up anything before it gets big enough he knows what it is.  And it's not just Jack.  I learned this long go when men were anywhere around.

I finally got a decent photo of this iris.  It's just a lone specimen in a clump of day lilies.  I have no recollection of planting this, especially where it is.  I'm okay with it though.  Maybe it will make more.

Of course, Zuzu was right with me the whole time.  When she sees the shovel come out she snaps into action.  Actually, that chicken never slows down and no matter how I try to sneak around and plant something she knows somehow and here she comes running.  I don't mind though.
This is one of my flower areas that I've been really trying to develop lately.  Lots of iris, trillium, hosts and lilies on the edge where they can get some sun.  I think it's coming along nicely.  This is down near one of the wet weather steams and I'd like to get it so naturalized with lilies and such that it does not need to be mowed or anything.

Many of the fruits are starting to come on now such as the blueberries.  They made it through the storms fine also.  Looks like we'll have a bumper crop this year.  Strawberries too.

And maybe even cherries!!  I know this is a crappy picture so forgive me.  It was getting kinda dark from the approaching storms and so the exposures were not the best.  I'll be so excited though, to get some cherries if these stay on.  I've got to get another one of these trees.

The spring garden is progressing nicely.  I noticed yesterday that the broccoli is starting to form heads.  Behind that and the cabbage etc. is garlic and the snow peas.  They are beginning to inch their way up the trellis I made for them.  The potatoes are doing good too.
I've been harvesting various lettuces and asparagus already.  Man is that stuff good!  Had some last night for supper in fact.  I really need to add to that bed also.  I can't adequately get my asparagus fix with the amount of plants I have now.
I have planted a few tomatoes and peppers but decided to hold off on the bulk of the tomato plants.  They were predicting the possibility of large hail with these storms and I figured another day or two not planted won't matter, rather than risk them being beat to pieces.

I hope you all have made it through the storms fine if you live in any of the areas affected.  April is the worst month in Alabama, I think, for tornadoes but we only have a little more to go. 


Ed said...

Yep, I've mowed off a thing or two I wasn't supposed to in my lifetime.

Pablo said...

Whatever a "bumper crop" is . . .

I planted 35 trees on Saturday just in time for the rains to water them. Repeatedly.

As for tape on new plants, I've certainly found it worthwhile, and not merely because I am a clumsy-footed man. Of course, when I come upon some tiny plant that has a piece of tape on it, somewhere in my woods, I generally don't remember what kind of plant it is. But at least I don't step on it.

Rita said...

Thank you for your weather update today. It was scary to watch the news ans see the storms that went through your area. Thanks again for update. So good to know you and yours are ok.

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! Yep. I think most men have. lol!

Hey Pablo! yeah, I have no idea what a bumper crop is either. :)
Oh, for that many trees you definitely want something else doing the watering!
I've found that even if you write the name of the plant on the tape it fades so I save all the cards in a box, because I can't remember the names of anything.

Hey Rita! No problem! thanks for asking. It was kinda scary here last night and they are coming again tonight. I'm always glad when April is over, although I know they can come anytime here.

Kenneth Price said...

That ZuZu is one lucky chick! Great photos!!

edifice rex said...

Hey Ken! thanks! yeah, Zuzu and the rest of that bunch are very spoiled. lol!