Sunday, April 06, 2014

Keep On Growing

I think the plants are convinced Spring is finally here to stay and everything has just been bursting at the seams bloom-wise.   Maybe it's just my intense relief at finally experiencing warm weather but it seems to me that all the blooming things are just very prolific this year.  The trees and everything are overwhelmed with blossoms. 

The dwarf cherry tree I planted a couple years ago has really taken off this past season, gaining quite a bit in height and fullness.  The other one I had died so I need to get another.  Supposedly these are self-pollinating but they say it does do better if you have two.

The first salad greens are ready to harvest!!  I'm not sure what this most prolific one is you see there but I need to thin those to give the other greens a chance.  Yum!!!  So excited to have fresh greens again.

And can you believe it?  I actually got some green onions to start from seed this year!!  I have had the worst time in the past with growing these things but hit it lucky this year.  I sowed the seeds early enough that they went through a freeze before they sprouted and have made sure to keep them watered good.  Maybe that was the key.

And the asparagus is on it's way!!!  There's not a lot up yet but it's there!!  Can't wait for the first good batch of that too.  This is it's third year so I should be able to cut a fair amount this season.

I continue to work on the driveway flower bed, setting stones and filling in behind.  I'm also working on moving the very low growing stuff out to the new front edge.  The old log that used to form the front edge is still there, just buried now.  Hopefully it will rot and enrich the soil.  Over the winter Jack dumped a lot of chicken poo on this whole area and the plants seem to appreciate it.  Everything is going gangbusters and is getting big enough at this point I don't have to worry about the chickens scratching stuff up.

I used to know what this shrub was called but have forgotten by now.  It's real pretty though.  I'd like to have another but when I bought this one it was the only one I had ever seen.  Maybe I can divide this one or take a cutting from it.
Edit!!!  One of my readers informed me that this is a Kerria Japonica or Japanese Rose and I had also accidentally found it in one of my gardening books late last night.  So, there you go.  There are a few different varieties but I think this is just the common one.  I still like it though.

This is a close up of the ornamental crabapple and can you see what I was trying to photograph??  Honey bees!!!!  There was quite a number of them working this tree this morning before the rain came in.  I was so happy to see so many of them.  Funny thing though, there was not a one of them on the cherry tree.

The trilliums are also abundant this spring.  I wish I had a couple other varieties, like the kind with white or red flower blooms,  but I guess beggars can't be choosers.  These are native and free, never have to plant a one, so I shouldn't complain.

The rain did not come in today until about 1:00 so Zuzu and I took advantage of that and got 5 more azalea bushes planted around the house.  I'm embarrassed to say that these were some azaleas that I had bought on clearance ($1.47 each) last fall and I am just now getting around to planting all of them.  They are hardy though.  They all made it through a very cold winter with me only sometimes remembering to protect them from the cold.  I think I had bought maybe 15.  It was such a good price I couldn't pass it up.  I have to plant them fairly close to the house though because the deer love them.  I did manage to get about half off them planted back in the fall and they are blooming well this spring.
Here you can see my gardening buddy Zuzu inspecting the hole for the plant.  She's very thorough.  No grub or worm goes undetected around her.  She actually does kinda help me out because, with her there often in the hole, I have to go kinda slow and therefore I don't get carried away and strain my back or anything.  We just take our time.  And I swear, just like Chigger knows the word "walk", all I have to say is "dig Zuzu!" and here she comes running!  She knows what 'dig' means.

I hope you all are getting some of this nice spring weather too!  Any planting going on in your parts?


Ed said...

Spring looks nice. When you've enjoyed some of it, send the rest up north would yah!?

ErinFromIowa said...

I am curious what the yellow flowered shrub is also. Jealous of your asparagus!

Pablo said...

I'll be planting my shortleaf pines just as soon as they arrive.

La Petit Rouge said...

Greetings! I believe that the yellow flowering shrub that you have is a Kerria Japonica! Such a tough plant. I have the pleniflora in my yard. Yours looks to be a slightly different cultivar.

pamit said...

Not nearly so green in the foothills of Denver (though Denver itself is leafing out). All my growing things are indoors in little pots, started from seed. Trying some new things this year, like pleurisy root and hyssop. YOUR garden is just awesome. I do have a little family trip to GA planned this month so I'll get to experience the greenness!

JO said...

I've put some flowers out on the porch and have the itch to do more but I know once the heat hits I'm going to hit the road. So no point in it since plants need lots of water here. And to plant in mostly shade isn't happening around my place. But I love looking at your place.

Kenneth Price said...

Thank you for bringing a bright spot to my day!

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! I will do my best!!

Hey Erin! Somebody figured it out in the later comments!

Hey Pablo! Great!

Hey La Petit! I believe you are correct! I finally found it in a book late last night. I'm not sure at all which variety I have but yes, they are tough. Thanks for the info!

Hey Pam! thanks! oh yeah, Georgia will be awash in green.

Hey Jo! thanks!

Hey Ken! you're welcome! I hope you fared well through all this rain!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hope that we also get some asparagus again this spring. Our patch is small and does not yield a big crop, but it's eaten as fast as cut. Nice to see all your flowering plants and trees and good help like Zuzu is hard to come by.

edifice rex said...

Hey Bea! yeah, I am really hoping for a lot of asparagus this year! Ol' Zuzu is a sweetie.