Friday, May 30, 2014

Crawling King Snake

Yes, that title is an actual song by none other than John Lee Hooker.  We had a odd little occurrence the other day that I thought was interesting.  Snakes are fairly common around here but I've rarely seen 2 at one time, especially of 2 different types, but we apparently had a little confrontation of some sort in the yard.  I had noticed that the chickens were all grouped up looking really interested in something but didn't pay in much mind until Chigger started really growling at something on the ground nearby.  As I approached I saw a king snake and what I think was a gray rat snake about twice the size of the king.  They were heading in opposite directions by the time I got there but had obviously been together at some point.

 Now, I also just recently found out that a king snake will actually eat other snakes, including poisonous ones.  Seems they are immune to the venom of copperheads and rattlesnakes.
 I don't know if the king snake thought he had found a good lunch or what but must have ultimately decided that taking on the rat snake would have been biting off more than it could chew, so to speak. 

 The rat snake meandered off slowly to a large boulder in the yard but the king snake made a couple of quick laps around and finally headed off to the woods.  I guess the chickens decided both were too big for them but I have seen them, to my dismay, gobble down baby snakes in a heartbeat.  And no, they weren't big worms; I checked.

I have some more gratuitous flower photos for you.  The spirea is especially pretty this year.  These bushes are filling out nicely. 
I've had a lot going on around here but not a lot to write much about.  It's just kinda bits and pieces of half-started projects and such.  I get so far and then have to wait on something or whatever.  Not enough of one thing to make a good post.  But I am accomplishing things.

I got a new camera that I've been experimenting with and I'll tell ya'll about that soon.  You may have noticed a slight difference in some of my photos lately.  Or not.  Haha!

We've also had a lot of on and off again thunderstorms lately.  It's a crappy photo but you can see where the chickens camp out during the heavy rain.

I thought this was sort of a neat view of the garden and chicken coop from a higher elevation.  You can see better how everything is related.
You can also see how my patch of oats is doing great!  Until one night this big patch of flattened oats opened up.  It spread more today dammit.  I don't know what's causing it, if it's the rain or what.  No animals can get to it and there are no tracks in the area.  Jack said we have our own mini-crop circle.

The rains and dropping barometric pressure have also brought the stiff neck and bad headaches back to me, so that's probably the main reason I haven't posted much lately.  My head feels like it's stuffed with cotton again.  Hopefully the weather will improve and I'll have some halfway coherent thoughts soon.


ErinFromIowa said...

Your garden is the definition of lush. Jack and you have turned it into a wondrous thing. Your photos get better all the time Annie. I know I am gushing! Lol
SO curious about the oats!

JO said...

I really like the overhead shot of the garden. So very green and healthy looking. Rain helps the growth but sorry to hear how it effects you.

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! thanks! Jack has really worked hard on the garden and it shows!

Hey Jo! thanks! It's funny, I often enjoy rain and thunderstorms but woooo do they hurt sometimes.

Ed said...

The only thing worse than one snake are two snakes and in a bad mood at each other to boot! I know it is an irrational fear and they do a lot of good which is why when I see a snake, I make haste in the opposite direction.

HermitJim said...

Looking pretty good to me! I reckon you and Jack are doing something right.

I really enjoy the pictures!

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! I know what you mean. I do not kill snakes and think most of them are beautiful creatures but they still give me the willies. lol!

Hey Jim! Thanks! glad you enjoy them!