Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Tonight's post is basically more rambling, and it's hard to pick a photo to go along with that topic, but I thought this one was as good as any.  It was taken not too long ago along one section of my driveway.  Anyway, back to my rambling....After Jack read one of my recent posts he immediately picked up on the bit where I said the last 2 years had been hell for me.  He noted that we had only been married for the past 2 years and I sorta cringed when he brought that to my attention.  Of course, he was just teasing me (I hope) and realized I meant my physical health, not my personal life, but it kinda bothered me after he mentioned it.  And if there is anything I have learned in life, and in 8 years of blogging, it is that many people will often assume the worst about you or something you said, never taking the time to ask what you really meant.  I've lost a number of readers over the years that way.  People get miffed about something they took the wrong way and never offer you a chance to clarify.  Of course, that's going to happen and mostly there is nothing you can do about it but I did want to take the opportunity to clarify that statement.  Jack has been a lifesaver for me the past 2 years and it was certainly only my physical ailments that I was referring to.  I could go into more of an explanation but at times it just seems like whining to me; complaining about my pains, that is.  Ya'll have heard it anyway.  And I am getting better so that's what I want to focus on.

So as I mentioned, I am coming up on 8 years of blogging.  That's a helluva long time to write about day to day life.  It's kinda funny because I always liked the idea of keeping a diary....but I could never actually do it.  I guess this is the only method I've ever stuck to and a blog is a really good way to record life's events and your thoughts at the time.  It's sad to me that blogging is not the community that it once was.  I guess I was fortunate that it was more popular, (or at least I had more entertaining things to write about), when I was single.  It was sort of like having a friend to dish to at all hours and you might even get replies at all hours.  Sad though that people seem to have let Facebook and other outlets steal their already short attention spans.  Of course, I've also seen a lot of the older bloggers pass away during the last 8 years.  I think many of them added to the community feel of blogging and with many of them gone (at least in the circle of bloggers I know) things seem kinda sparse and forgotten.  I have never really fit in, in any group or stage of my life, but at one point I was sort of a part of a friendly circle of like-minded people and it's always sad to see that go.  But that's life, you know.  People change, or think that you change, or just get swept away in some other tide.  It's also very interesting to see who sticks with you.  As in "real" life, it's often not who you thought it would be! But sometimes it is and that's nice.  But for those of you who enjoy reading here, don't worry, I'm not leaving.  I've just been in a reflective mood the past month or so I guess and thought I'd ramble a bit. 

But speaking of such things, there were a couple of questions for you guys out there.  You may not be able to answer any of them but I thought I'd try.  First, are any of you familiar with the blog Tossing Pebbles By The Stream? and it's author, Philip?  He used to stop by here regularly but disappeared about the time I got married, as did a number of people (haha!), and a couple of us have heard that Philip has cancer.  We were just trying to see if any communicates with Philip or knows anything about his situation?  I personally would love to be able to send him a card or such.  I always appreciated his comments here.
Another person who has dropped off that I am concerned about is Caroline over at Gingersnaps or And A Hive Of Silvery Bees.  She used to comment fairly regularly but has just seemingly dropped off the face of the blogging world anyway.  I have left comments on her blog but they go unanswered.  Does anyone talk to her?

So, I'll be back with some new stuff soon.  As I said, no year in review but I do have a number of goals for this new year and maybe if I write them down it will help motivate me! 


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year !
Here's to better health, peace and contentment, but mostly peace.

texasann said...

Annie -
A toast to the New Year and 2 more for you and Jack. With just raising your throwing table he's proven he is worth keeping around, I bet. Speaking of throwing - I received the new mug yesterday, thank you, but even with as well paced as it was, the handle was in several pieces. I'm going to grind the rough edges off, I think, and use it for a pencil cup or utensil holder of some kind, so don't fret. No fretting over things that we can't change, ok? Just make lemonade, or a pencil cup!
My new year has started off with seemingly the weight of lots of "needs", mine and others who are depending on me, but I'm dealing. At least I have most of my health, a job I enjoy, and a grandson who is the delight of my life. Also, mom is still with us, though declining, Hubby is still making me laugh, and God is with us all. Can't complain.
Glad you are feeling positive, too, and feeling better.

Ed said...

I've noticed a lot of the changes around blogger that you've mentioned. It's a shame since I feel this medium is what I enjoy the most and perhaps explains my 12 years of blogging. I just like a forum where you can expand upon things and get longer comments in return. Although I do enjoy Facebook (thanks for accepting my friend request by the way), I just don't get the same satisfaction on it that I do here.

I have lost tons of people over the years. Of those, I know of probably a couple dozen that just stopped and disappeared without a word. Off the top of my hand, I can only think of three of those that I know what happened to them to cause them to stop. I know of only one who came back to the fold (Pablo over at Roundrock Journal). The rest vanished off the face of the earth and leave me wondering. Some of them who were writing anonymously probably were found out. Some probably came upon hard times and didn't want to say anything about it. Unfortunately some probably are no longer alive. I have always wished blogger had some sort of fail safe post that you could compose ahead of time so after a few months of inactivity, it would automatically post your last words and give closure to everyone who follows your blog. I'm thinking of when I write my will, something I need to do, I am going to put a clause in there that if I were to die suddenly, before my assets are distributed, my blog must be updated so everyone knows what happened.

Anonymous said...

Just a note to let you know I lurk almost daily, always enjoy reading because it is always entertaining. Especially since we share the same ridge & tree line. What you have accomplished there is exactly what my son would like to do though he is just not in a position to try it right now. Thanks for your inspiration though!

Your BackWoodsNeighbor

edifice rex said...

Hey Jo! thanks! Happy New Year to you!!

Hey Ann! Well, crap! I have one more mug in the red glaze I can send. Or I can refund part of your money.
Hope your year "lightens up" soon.

Hey Ed! I like FB pretty well too, for quick responses and entertainment but I agree, seems like you can have much better conversations and interaction on a blog. Well, if people comment, that is! Seems that is dropping off a lot too.
The automatic last post for Blogger is a great idea! I guess if Jack survived me, he could post a last one for me. He has all my passwords and stuff. But one you wrote yourself would be ideal.
There are several bloggers/ commenters that I have known that I would really, really like to know what happened to them. Not out of nosiness but just because I felt like they really were friends.

Hey Neighbor! thanks for the comment! and I'm glad to hear you are still there. lol!
I hope your son is able to eventually build his own place. It is very satisfying, although sometimes very frustrating!

Island Rider said...

The stats show that people still read mine, but no one comments anymore. Facebook has spoiled us with the like button.

JO said...

I knew you never intended the 2 yrs to mean Jack. But I know I have pissed plenty of people off on my blog and to their face, sometimes I am hard to understand and well ... if I have something to say I say it.
I enjoy reading your blog and hearing about when you are feeling better or listening in a way when you not.
Have noticed some people do stop blogging and you do wonder what happened to them.

edifice rex said...

Hey IR! I think you are right about that. It's almost too much effort to formulate a comment to leave and I've been guilty of that myself.

Hey JO! thank you! well, if you write anything at all you are eventually going to piss off a few people; doesn't matter how safe you try to be! So, you just have to go with it.

HermitJim said...

This blogging stuff is funny. Sometimes it seems as though we have a lot of comments and then...almost nothing.

Still, I have to admit that I do it mostly for myself. Kinda selfish, I guess, but I am slightly addicted to doing it.

Besides, I have more friends here than anywhere else!

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! Yeah, I think I do it mostly for myself; a record of accomplishments and stuff. but it is nice to have some regular contact with others since I do live out a ways and can sometimes go a while between trips into town, etc.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Belated Happy New Year, Annie, to you and Jack from Grenville and myself. Yes,nit has been a very long time since I have left a comment, not from lack of interest.
I agree with your comments on so many people being wrapped up in other forms of social media, Twitter, FB, Pinterest and thatbis unfortunate. We do enjiy the blogging platform best although our own posting, reading and commenting has drastically slowed down in recent months.
We are still trying to sell the F&P in a slow real estate market and also dealing with relocating to much smaller living space in an apt. And, most recently the passing of my mother in NJ, so another house to be emptied and eventually sold.
This will be a busy year for us as well as many others, just wanted you to know we do enjiy your postings even if we have not commented in awhule.

Anonymous said...

Also, while I do not read The Pebbles in the Stream blog that Phillip authors, a friend of mine does. She confirmed that he is undergoing surgery and treatment for pancreatic cancer.