Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pocketful Of Sunshine

I have tried posting several times lately, and even have a couple of unfinished posts in drafts, but just have not been able to get it together!  First, we went through this horrible gloomy week of rain or drizzle and absolutely no sunshine.  It was affecting everyone and I just couldn't think of much to write about.  I even ordered me one of those SAD lights to sit on my desk and changed the light bulbs in some of my studio lights to the daylight spectrum bulbs.  All of that actually does seem to help and just about the time I was getting up enough steam to post...the real sun came out and we all were rejoicing!  I stayed outside as much as I could to enjoy the sun and it has even been in the mid-50s (F) so the days have been really nice.  The thought of sitting at a computer did not appeal to me.  You can see that Chigger and the girls were rejoicing in the sunshine too!  Everybody is happy!

I've also been working on a new load of pottery, which we delivered yesterday, and that always takes up a bunch of time.  We are even getting eggs again! 

I've got a zillion projects I want to work on outside and am trying to prioritize them so as to get something started.  The two main ones are to start pouring my kitchen countertops and to rebuild the cold frame in the garden.  I miss growing my own salad greens and things.  Of course, the countertops are inside but you have to mix the concrete outside and it's so much better on a nice day.  Plus, I want to pour the bar tops outside and you definitely need a nice day for that.  We did pick up one big bag of portland cement yesterday but I'll have to wait until Monday to be able to get the sand and 8910 gravel.

And in between all of this I need to keep making pottery!!  I must increase my income.  You know I had thought of supplementing with restoration work here and there but all my leads on that have just come to an abrupt stop.  Nothing.  It was kinda odd actually.  But, that happens and then in a year or two I'll get some more jobs in that area.  But since I've been able to throw standing up and that is working so well it has renewed my enthusiasm for the work.  Coming up with some new colors and glazes is exciting too and helps encourage me.

I was pleased with this latest firing and need to make large batches of these new glazes.  I'm also down to my last scrapings of clay and am waiting for a new shipment to come into Atlanta.  Jack and I always have a fun time on our trip over there to get the clay, although this time will be a challenge with my butt joint hurting me.  Well, we'll just have to take more rest stops or something.

So, I hope you all are enjoying some nice weather or at least the sunshine.  I am SO very ready for spring.

Well, time to go!!  Lots of stuff to do!!


ErinFromIowa said...

Chicken butt! Lol
I always enjoy looking at your ceramics. Love the new glazes.
Would sitting on a doughnut help with the drive?

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Annie -
I love the new colors, especially the mostly aqua. Hubby is looking for a mug where he can get 3 fingers in the handle - the photo on that one looks like a bigger handle - is it? If not, maybe you could custom stretch one for him?
The pics of the critters are endearing, even the chicken butt, but I especially love the headliner photo of Grendal (?) in the snow! So perfect!
Glad you're feeling better. BTW, my daughter has a tailbone problem, too. Have I mentioned that before? Hers is apparently from childbirth 4 years ago when there was pressure on the coxyx for too long. Never heard of that myself, but that's what she's been told. I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' babies (only the 2 I did), so I'll just let that alone.

Ed said...

After a cold November and December, we're having a very mild January with lots of sun. I'm not going to complain but an early spring is always welcome.

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! thanks! No, I've tried all sorts of cushions and they don't seem to help any. I think because it's not actually my tailbone. It's the sacral-illiac joint which is a little over to the side and just the weight and position of sitting is what's causing the pain. I guess,.

Hey Sis! The mug pictured is a little taller than some I do. I can throw some like that and send you one that I know he should be able to get 3 fingers in.
I have actually heard of childbirth affecting a woman's tailbone but don't really understand it.
Oh, that is not Grendal in the photo. That is Callie. She's a sweet little cat that somebody dumped here a couple years ago and Jack adopted her.

Hey Ed! Yes, early springs are always welcome. I usually wish for at least a little snow once it's winter here but this year, I'm really ready for warm weather.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The new colors really look nice, Annie. Sort of makes me wish we could have some of your colorful mugs in our cupboard. Alas, moving to a smaller place also means we had to cut down on our mug collection. But maybe in the future, we could consider replacements . . .

JO said...

The warmer days are really nice but the nights are still cold, went camping and had to come home when the temps dropped into the 30s.

The new pottery is absolutely great. Glad you are doing so will with the orders and and able to pull it off

edifice rex said...

Hey Bea! thanks! well, I certainly understand cutting back and paring down. I hope everything in ya'lls move works out for you and you are able to get a new place you really like.

Hey Jo! yeah, the nights are pretty cold here too. Thanks on the pottery!