Friday, January 09, 2015

Easier Said Than Done

So, one of my goals for 2015 is to finish this kitchen!!  Really, I hope to finish the kitchen and maybe even the other side of this wall before the winter is up, or at least spring.  I don't really lack all that much, although there is a lot of unfinished square footage, it covers fast with what I plan to do.  First, is to pour these counter tops and the concrete bar tops that go on the low walls.  I'll probably form and pour the bar tops outside on a decent day and then place them once they are cured but the counter tops will be poured in place, obviously.

Then to do the tile backsplashes and wall tile.  This is the glass/ slate tile that will go between the concrete countertops and the bar tops.  And yes, that's about how much tile will be the too.  I have 2 inches of countertop (as marked by the crow's foot on the lower left on the wall) and then a 3" or 3 1/2" concrete backsplash which should fit right up under that electrical box.  Then the glass tile from there up.

On this other side of the wall I need to finish the sheetrock, paint those low walls and then make, or have made, the built-in bookshelves that go there on either side of the fireplace.  You can see where I have a temporary bookshelf on the other side.  And of course, I need to finish running the slate tile here and grout it, along with the mosaic work that goes in the off-centered strips.  That part may drag out a little longer as that mosaic takes a long time!  Ugh!  the little bit you can see I have done, down by the hearth, took 4 hours!  But, it's just something I've got to psych myself up to do.  I do enjoy the work but I tend to get a little antsy to be finished.  Doing a little bit every day or so is usually my best strategy.

Now, this will have to wait until warm weather but I also must finish this wall this year.  I have to etch and paint those metal sheets so that is why I need warm weather; can't do that in the house.  And then after the metal is up I'll install some sort of shelving to display sculptures and ceramics.  Or whatever.  Skulls of old boyfriends, I don't know.  And yes, that sheet hanging over the door will be replaced with an actual door!!  I have a really, super cool idea for the interior doors but again, I need warm weather to do those. 

So, if I can get all this finished before springtime I can then move on to all the crap that needs to be finished on the outside!!  Yay!!  I guess I should look at it like all keeps me from sitting down at least!  I also have not forgotten that I need finished flooring but that is a very last of the list item and I'm trying not to overwhelm myself.  haha!

So, do ya'll have any interior house projects going on for winter? 


Rich said...

All I gotta say is that I really like the way your house looks even if you haven't finished yet.

Is anything in the world ever completely finished?

edifice rex said...

Hey Rich! well, thank you very much. I wonder about it sometimes but it's nice when someone else confirms that it does look nice.
No, nothing is ever finished completely...that's true. but it can sure get a lot closer than what I have here! lol!

Anonymous said...

Looking good and try not to overwhelm yourself. I am still working on my house too. I managed to reseal my Mexican tile floor by Thanksgiving. it took about two weeks. Cleaning and moving furniture. Now, I need to finish the trim on the staircase. I am not a carpenter, but think I might be able to do it. I could do the tongue and groove and finish the closet upstairs. Which is a walk through. I have need to get the lumber, sand and seal it. I keep thinking I will get this house finished this year. I've been saying that since 2007.
Hang in there. Tammy in Lower Al.

R.Powers said...

An exterior back porch platform and when it is done, replacing the back door door jamb.
Working on the porch deck today.
A bad gutter joint, badly placed over the old porch deck and badly sealed by me dripped and splashed over the years enough to cause rot in the bottom of the door trim and jamb.
Going to read up on that one before I attempt and I'll probably actually do that on summer break when I know I can be here if it doesn't get done in one day.

Your projects sound creative as usual!
I have to add that even though I'm not much of a cat fan, your snow cat photo header is epic. Nice job!

edifice rex said...

Hey Tammy! good to hear from you! I'm sure you'll do fine on the trim. Sounds like we've both been thinking the same thing, for about the same time! ha! We will finish!!

Hey R! good to hear from you too, man! Oh, replacing door jambs or windows is always such fun...not! Yeah, gutters and flashing are tricky; I always have to study up a bit too.
Oh, and thanks on the photo! I though tit was cute too.

JO said...

I love your house too. I would love to do the glass tiles in my kitchen but the cabinets are crap and while I know what I want to do I can no longer find the right paint and stain. Story of my life, wonder if it has anything to do with just rather run away all the time. You'll get it done as you can. I would be living in a tent on the property if I had to build my own home.

texasann said...

Annie -
I have had plans to paint my kitchen cabinets for years, and last week had a minor fire in my toaster oven that has decided me - this Spring is it! The cabinets themselves are solid wood, in good shape, so I'll remove the doors, probably a few at a time, and paint them. Would love to have marble counters, but my laminate is in good shape, and no excuse to spend that much money on counters. Hubby has been working on the deck for 3+ years, and if he doen't finish this Spring, I'll hire somebody! Your place looks great. Must be a very satisfying feeling to know you did it yourself.

Ed said...

I think it look great too as is but it should really look great when finished. Ever since I saw you do your bathroom concrete counter tops, I have wanted to do something similar in our house. But before I do that, I want to replace the cabinets to something a bit more modern and not all beat to heck. I hope you take lots of pictures and do lots of posts when you do yours so I can refresh my notes!

After all the summer projects that run into fall and even into winter, I'm kind of taking a break right now on interior projects. I may do some painting here in a week or two but I think I'm going to putz around in the garage when it is warm enough and do hobbies until then.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jo! Well, building your own house is definitely a major undertaking. Sometimes I think I was crazy to ever start. But it is fun...mostly. lol!

Hey Ann! thanks! yes, it's a nice feeling of accomplishment to have built something yourself. I hope you are able to get all your projects up and finished this spring too!

Hey Ed! thanks! Yeah, I think it will all look really good when done. I try to kep that image in my head as motivation!
I will be sure to take lots of pictures and stuff when i do the kitchen work. It should make for good blog posts.

Pablo said...

I have so many interior (and exterior) projects unfinished that I've forgotten most of them.

Anonymous said...

Really late to this party, but wanted to say, that I never notice the unfinished things, whenever I'm at your house... because I'm too busy looking elsewhere at all the cool stuff!