Sunday, March 15, 2015

Silent Sunday (Almost)

The ol' rhubarb actually came back this year!  Well, one root did anyway.  I'm pretty sure I had two in this pot but even this one coming back for the 3rd year is pretty good.

Spring appears to finally be here!!!!  Not a moment too soon either.  In my opinion.

The daffodils are in fine form this year.  They seem a bit more prolific this time around.

Hopefully, we'll actually get some plums this year.

At the end of last summer I actually found one, lone, dried up (but quite large) plum that had stayed on and matured, but that I had somehow missed when I checked for fruit.

So pretty!!!  Makes me happy!!

Perhaps some of the bulbs have multiplied too.

I wanted Zuzu to pose in front of the flowers but had to trick her into thinking there was some great treat there to get her to stay in one spot.  She quickly discovered I was pulling a fast one on her and promptly ran off.

This is a wild spice bush that is native to this area.  It has gotten fairly large since I have cleared out some of the area around it.  It's covered in these teeny yellow blossoms and does have a somewhat pleasant odor.  It's more medicinal smelling than spicy though.  Some people dry clipping of it for potpourri.


ErinFromIowa said...

Loved the spring vibe! Do you know the botanical name for the flowers in the second photo and the spice bush?
Dealing with a bratty adult daughter this morning cast a toxic pall on my day. I opened some windows to clear the air. Listened to Jason Mraz and did some small spring cleaning projects. Last but not least I read your spirit lifting post. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! ER,

some more beautiful pictures, thanks. You certainly have a artist's eye for composition and balance. Beautiful, just beautiful!

the rat

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! Sorry I didn't get the post up earlier in the day; I meant to!
The flowers are marsh marigolds (caltha palustris) and the spice bush is Lindera benzoin.

Hey Mr Rat! thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed them!

JO said...

All the flowers are so pretty. I have buds on somethings but don't know how long they will last is it already in the mid 80's here and I have on the A/C so I can sleep tonight.
Enjoy the flowers and keep the pictures coming