Friday, February 17, 2006

Beast of Burden

This is why he is called "Oliver". I know, that's not very original on our part! He is also a '52 model not a '51 as I had previously stated. I didn't think I was right.
This post is for Allen! this is his pride and joy...Oliver. He is a 1951 model I think. He works very hard but he has had a little trouble with all of the rocks in these parts. He broke a tooth on his box blade and tore holes in another box blade. (yes, I'm almost finished repairing that, David) He has even gotten stuck a couple of times but nothing too bad.


pablo said...

I knew a woman who named her tractor Alice because it was an Allis/Chalmers, and she named her truck "Press on Regardless" because it did!

edifice rex said...

That's funny! We hardly ever see an Allis Chalmers in these parts for some reason. John Deere and Ford are king down here.