Friday, February 24, 2006

Time out!

I'll be gone for the weekend to the Alabama Clay Conference! Its a pretty good conference they have once a year that the universities in the state, that have good ceramics programs, take turns hosting. They bring in some really big name artists. And you can always pick up a good glaze recipe or two. The photo is of the little creek that runs beside my driveway and is the property line on one side. Not as big as Rurality's but I have often wondered if its the same creek since we are so close. ?? See ya'll later!


pablo said...

A clay conference? Sounds absolutely thrilling! But I went to a tree conference last year, so I guess I understand.

kara said...

i'm so glad you showed off your pottery. (i am a potter wannabe.) i have been thinking about my own shop one of these days. how did you get started, if i may ask?

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! Yeah, I took Allen with me to the last 2 days of it and he said it was "as interesting as watching grass grow". To each his own!
Kara- I received a Bachelor of Fine Art from The University of Montevallo (an excellent liberal arts college here in Alabama)and that's where I learned pottery. I went in as a painting major but we had to take at least one course in every medium and after taking ceramics and sculpture I switched my concentration. I always recommend to anyone wanting to try something like pottery to audit a course from their local college. You have professionals teaching you and you go through the same
course as the other students thus get to use all of their equipment and resources. Plus, its cheaper. Of course, you don't get college credit but that doesn't matter to some.