Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Long and Winding Road

These photos were taken at the end of summer I think so the road is more finished; there is gravel on most of it and its wider and smoother in places. Some of them show a little more progress. I got these photos in backwards so if you scroll down to the last summer picture and then scroll back up , thats what it would look like driving into the property. This section is much more finished now and just as you go around that last slight curve it opens out to the house site. Those are wild hydrangea on the left bank. They are everywhere here.
This was the toughest spot to get in. We had to clip off the end of this rock line and roll some very large boulders away. To the right, down that slope is a little creek that comes from 2 of the springs that come out of the mountain. We used some of the large rocks that we had to move anyway to shore up the dirt that we pushed over there. The cut you see at the top of this hill is about 15 feet high. We may put in a retaining wall one day if it seems to want to start sliding. So far its okay. I was really nervous this first time we had a concrete truck come in on this curve. But he made it fine. Some of those drivers are really good.
This is another view as you are driving in; if I had done the sequencing right it would be in order but we are going backward actually. On the left are some large trees we had to cut and on the left is the creek. You can see it when you are in a vehicle and its real nice. When we took down the old dam we uncovered a very long section of 12" dia. steel pipe (probably 60' or more) that was a drain or overflow. Another serendipitous find! So we cut that up into 3 sections and used it for the culverts under the road. One of them is in this photo although you can't see it. It has a really cool, huge gate valve on the end that we left for a souvenir and it still works! This section has alot more gravel on it now and Allen loves to run Oliver up and down the driveway with the box blade. It makes it really smooth though. I was suprised how well those things work.
This is closer to the main road as you are driving in. The wall of dirt on the left is the old dam or whats left of it. We have planted some azaleas and ferns on the little hump on the right. Ferns grow wild all over the place here though so you can get as many as you want.
This is looking from the other direction at the same spot. Dam on the right; we tried to grade it down so it looks kind of natural but we need to plant some kind of ground cover or something. This was taken just the other day. We have a couple of spots here and there in the road that are holding a little water but its still settling in some. There is alot of water seeping down off the hills right now and I think we are going to have to dig a couple of little ditches to divert some water. We still have alot of clean up as far as cut trees go. We have tried to give away as much as possible for firewood but most people don't want to have to split it. There are a couple of really tall, straight trees down that I would like to use in the house if we can. They would make great interior supporting columns.

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