Friday, May 19, 2006

Just My Imagination

Well, this week has not been all that good. In between wretching my guts up with what I think was food poisioning, I have been trying to come up with a design for that truss. I finally sketched up something and sent it to the architect who may or may not send it to the engineer, depending on whether or not he thinks it will work. So far he does not think it will. The drawing may be a little hard to make any sense of. The long, straight pieces at the top and bottom would be two 2x6 oak (or similar wood) boards and the design work in between would be cut out of 1/4" or 3/8" steel and the edges sandwiched in between the oak boards and then bolted where you see the little black dots. The truss will have to be 24' long and about 2' tall. This drawing is not to scale as I was just trying to show the architect a basic idea of what I had in mind. So, anyway, we'll wait and see how bad they tear it apart. Unfortunately, this weekend may just be another weekend of tying up loose ends at the house and not making alot of noticable progress. That's the way it is sometimes with building; you have stages where you see alot going on and then you have stages where it seems like nothing is happening. Of course, framing is when you're suppossed to see alot going on, so this is very frustrating to me at times. Ya'll just bear with me and maybe we'll have more to show before too long. Allen says he will be starting soon on the hydraulic ram he is going to build to pump our water and I am anxious to see that!


pablo said...

I'll bear with you . . . and keep coming back.

edifice rex said...

Thanks Pablo! You're a sweetie.