Saturday, May 06, 2006

Second Time Around

OK, we finally got the guest bathroom figured out and can frame it this weekend. I had more trouble with this than anything. I had it in my head that the entrance to the bath had to be from the living room but that was just not going to give us much room. It's funny how you get something stuck in your mind that it just has to be a certain way and then you can't think of anything else. I knew there had to be a solution that I was just not seeing so that's why it pays to have someone else look at it. Of course, he came up with a very logical answer once I let go of my irrational demands. Life in general is this way alot of times too I think. The writings of Joseph Campbell come to mind on that. Anyone else like to read his stuff?
We have changed some of the roof line also on this section so the clerestory windows will not run all the way across the house. The roof over this bedroom and bath will be a regular gable with a flat ceiling inside and the clerestory will only be in the living room/ kitchen area. This is pretty much what I wanted from the get-go. I think it adds a little more rhythm to the roof; not just a straight line all the way. I dreamed last night that we got the whole house finished but the only windows on the south side were clerestories; we had forgotten to put any windows in the walls! I hope I don't really start stressing over this thing as it progresses. Allen got the lumber this morning for all of this so we will be framing shortly but don't know how much we'll get done because there is suppossed to be some rain coming in.
These are the main books that I have been using for information and reference. I like them all very much and would recommend them to anyone interested in such subjects. Hopefully things will pick up a bit on the house now. I believe we have gotten most of the big decisions made and can really go to it now. The truss deal has pretty much decided itself. I called around to get prices on renting a small crane with an operator and such for hauling and setting that water tower leg and it was more than I thought. It would have been about $800- $1,000 just for the crane and operator. There's no way we can swing that. Allen might could have found someone to haul it for less but he doesn't have time or doesn't care to, so in my mind, we exhausted our options on that one. The truss we are going to build ourselves will be really cool I think and we can build it in place also, so there will not be a need for a boom truck.


pablo said...

Would this room be across the dogtrot? I don't recall where you were going to place this.

Also, do you have any worries about theft from your building site? If you have a load of lumber delivered, can you be confident that all of it will still be there the next day? It's something I would worry about in my area.

edifice rex said...

Hey pablo, this is the bedroom and bath in the section we are building now; what will eventually become the guest area just off of the living room. Sorry I did not make that clear. I'm bad about that.
We are somewhat concerned with theft as I think any construction site should be. We have a locked gate at the road and what little equipment we keep at the house is locked and chained down and engraved with our info. I know from experience on commercial sites that this will not stop those real determined but does slow them down. What thieves want is tools and equipment not materials (like lumber)as they can't really be pawned or sold as easily, with the exception of copper, and I will be more concerned when our plumbing starts going in since the price of copper has skyrocketed lately.