Monday, May 01, 2006

Bright Sunny South

Our little creek has been up quite a bit since we've had so much rain lately. This creek is not as grand as Rurality's but it's nice for wading around in and it has lots of little waterfalls, which I like. And I noticed the other day that the watercress is spreading further down in the stream that flows from the spring. At this very spot is where the spring creek (which is much smaller) flows into this main creek from the left there. One time I stood in the intersection with one foot in the spring water and one over in the creek and there was really a noticeable difference in the temperature. I didn't really think there would be at a place so far from the origin of the spring but El Guapo (this is how Allen refers to himself and he just told me to say this) "told me there would be and therefore it was." I have to humor him a little now and again. Although, much to my irritation, he is usually right about such things.
This is just a few feet further upstream. There are lots of beautiful ferns all in this area. There are lots of other cool plants too but I don't know much about them. However, we may remedy that some this coming weekend. We are having a Healing Plants workshop here on the property. Darryl Patton, a true herbalist, is coming and will led a hike through the woods and streams to discuss the native plants here that can be used for medicinal purposes. Darryl travels all over the U.S. teaching seminars etc. so I'm very excited to have him come here. He studied with Tommie Bass, who was one of the last old-timey Appalachian herbalists, and both of them are very well known throughout the southeast although Tommie passed away several years ago. Darryl has written a very interesting book on Tommie and his teachings, which I carry in my gallery and it has been very popular. After the plant class we are going to show the people around that are interested in the type of house we are building and maybe have a bit of lunch. Hopefully the weather will be nice and plenty of people will show up.

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