Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crop Circle!

Okay, so mine is not as big and fancy as those other ones.... but they are laid down in the same direction, sorta. And it was real mysterious.....ooh, no footprints!!! and it was pretty muddy in the garden. Something (I suspect a raccoon) came in and just torn the crap out of these 2 cornstalks. Seriously, I couldn't find any prints or anything to indicate what did it. Fortunately it has not returned but I need to complete my fence soon.
Otherwise the garden is doing pretty good. The okra is way up and starting to bloom. Way too many squash. I knew better than to plant 6 hills of yellow and 5 zucchini. I hope to have some watermelons this year though! They are in the back next to the corn. I used composted cow manure and seaweed this year and it seems to be working well. The seaweed is supposed to help the soil retain moisture through very dry periods. Hhhmm,, maybe. I watered some during the drought but not excessively. I have also managed to grow eggplant this year too! I have never been successful at that before and am quite excited. Allen hates it but I love it. He said he never understood why I couldn't grow in in years past because he always watered it for me....if you know what I mean. He better have been joking. Here are a few things I just picked; yellow squash, of course, 8-ball zucchini (great stuffed), my eggplant! I have been getting loads of Lemon Boy tomatoes, a red tomato ( not sure what kind), green beans and my cucumbers are finally starting to go.
Hey, lots of you like puzzles and trying to identify strange objects so here's one for you. Can any of you tell me what these are? I love to collect them but don't think I'll be stringing any on a necklace to wear. They make some even bigger that I want!!


Jenn said...

Plumb bobs for some serious surveyin'...

I have one of these I picked up out of the middle of the road, all abandoned - or it jumped ship.

If they aren't plumb bobs, I'd be happy to know what I really have!

Anonymous said...

Those are "teeth" for a cultivator. They dig into the ground and loosen it and get rid of the weeds. Those look like some that were used on a cultivator that was pulled by horses. Modern day ones are a lot thinner.

Gin said...

I would have guessed mauls.

karl said...

i'm usually great at this kind of stuff but am stumped. please don't keep us guessin' for too long.

Anonymous said...

Looks like teeth that go on buckets for backhoes, etc.

Maybe your cornstalks fell victim to an ethanol explosion.

Going up next weekend to show the in-laws my progress. I don't envy the tile work, one small room liked to killed my back.

Take care, may try to see you around labor day.

Rurality said...

They are the beaks from giant iron birds. Of course.

Those 8-balls are lots bigger than I would have imagined.

Floridacracker said...

At first I thought mauls, but then you are a welder, so then I thought some blacksmithy thing.

Now, I have to go paint.

edifice rex said...

Hey Everybody! What great answers! but only Barry is correct; they are backhoe teeth. The teeth for trackhoes are about 3 times this size and I would love to have some. I'm saving these because in a few years when I have time to do some creative welding, I have plans for a giant T-Rex near the driveway and these are going to become his teeth!

Jenn, they would probably work for plumb bobs in a pinch if you just needed an approximate point.

Hey Anon, I know what kind of cultivator you're talking about; my Daddy had one although I don't think he actually used it. He did plow with a horse for years. These are similar to those teeth.

Hey Gin, you know, these might work for mauls! I might have to try that.

Hey Barry! You know the tile work did n't bother my back at all but my legs were incredibly sore! ??? I don't know. Labor Day sounds good; we may try to have a cookout.

Hey Karen, I let these 8-balls get a little big but they will get much bigger. They packet said to pick them anywhere from baseball to softball size. Their flavor is still good though.

Hey FC, thanks for taking time to come by.

Now I know how to get you people to talk!

Pablo, where are you though?

Woody said...

i haven't seen the split tooth you have there. old tools at auctions are one of my weakness.

edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! Yeah, the split tooth is unusual and what's more is that it appears to have never been used. I think they are used more where you might be trying to dig through really rocky terrain but I'm not sure. Allen loves old tools too.