Monday, July 02, 2007

Dawg Days

Yes, you have to make sure you pronounce "dog" correctly here in the South in you are going to use it in a phrase like that. Well, last weekend I attended a ritzy farmer's market in downtown Birmingham to try to make a little cash since I'm out of work right now. They have various crafters and artists there in addition to the farmers and in the past I have done fairly well selling my pottery but this weekend didn't go very well. I sold a few items but not near what I was hoping for. The place has sort of become the "in" spot (no pun intended) to take your dog to show off. They dress them up sometimes in all kinds of stuff.
This trio did at least get to sit in the shade for a little while. On other news, we have gotten some good rain for the past 3 days! It's wonderful. Allen and I went to a party this weekend that a friend of ours has out on 80 acres. It's a big outdoor thing, swimming in a pond, a huge potluck dinner, just goofing off. It rained like hell there Sunday but everybody was so happy to see the rain, lots of them were just walking around in it. This is the same place where they have the solar home tour that Rurality has written about. A lot of people describe it as an old hippie commune but it has been successful for over 30 years now. We toured some of the houses and learned more about solar water systems etc.

We did not get a lot done on the house this weekend but I am still laid off and will be working full force this week. A buddy of mine is bringing me a load of free paint today so I will start priming the walls! As soon as the bathroom is painted I can install the flooring, which means I can install the toilet! I need to order the water filter that I want so we can get the house online. Right now the water is only on at the garden. We completely filled the septic tank and I rescued a frog out of there. Not sure how he managed to get in the septic tank but I'm sure he was glad to get out.

They have wonderful organic veggies and fruits at this market but the fresh flowers seemed to sell well too. I did buy a few peaches from Chilton county (south of us). They have wonderful peaches down there and surprisingly enough, had a decent crop this year despite that late freeze.


karl said...

i hooked up a make-shift solar shower per tabithas request. the bath room is being renovated and indoor showering is no longer allowed.

Rurality said...

I heard that the market has been down for a lot of people compared to previous years. One of my friends says she thinks the demographic has changed. I do love buying veggies there when we are over that way.

edifice rex said...

Hey Karl! Yes, I'm envious of your outdoor shower! I have something similar but still have to utilize the water heater.

Hey Karen! The crowd was real thin at first, picked up pretty heavy later but they didn't last. Seemed like everybody just bought stuff real quick and left. They didn't hang around like they used to.