Saturday, July 14, 2007

Southern Rain

We are still getting a good bit of rain every day it seems like down here. Plants are going nuts everywhere. The title of this post is a old Cowboy Junkies song. If I were smart enough I could put a link in so that you could hear part of the song but as it is, you'll just have to Google them if you want to. Great band though. The song starts out with the husband saying, "looks like a storm cloud coming, honey, guess we'll have to stay in bed today". It goes on about other stuff and then she ends the song saying you'll never catch her complaining about too much southern rain. I wouldn't either.
I don't think I have shown a picture of the exterior of the house in a while. Not much has changed there. All of the block that is going to be laid is there though. Charles came this past week and finished that up. This photo looks kind of messy though; I need to do a good clean-up. Lots is happening on the inside of the house though. I finished the ceiling, hallelujah!!!! We are going to be installing the slate floor in the bathroom on Sunday. More walls are primed and ready for finish paint.
The pump house is much further along but not quite finished. I still need to roof it and put a door on. At some point it will get a floor too. I am going to build 2 small retaining walls on either side of the trail leading up to the door also and backfill all that so most of the concrete you see here will be covered up. The pump and tank continue to work great in this location. It is better we moved all this down here as it turns out because this equipment is louder than we thought it would be and if it stayed under the house you would definitely be hearing all that.
Hopefully, the slate floor will go well tomorrow and I'll try to get some more inside photos up.


pablo said...

Perhaps you explained it already, but why did you make the pump house so tall?

Rurality said...

Oh you made me have to go listen to Cowboy Junkies! Spiral Down is my favorite by them I think. There was a great concert on the Rave channel that we taped, and I have it permanently cued up to that song. :)

I can't remember if I told you or not but the reason I haven't brought y'all any eggs is that we've only got 2 chickens left. :(

pablo said...

I guess that's why you didn't bring me any eggs either.

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! No, I have not explained that but I'll try now. It's mainly due to the fact that I just let Allen build whatever he wanted. The pressure tank sits against the back wall so that the valves etc. on the front are easily accessible; ok, the tank is about 5 feet tall so the back wall had to accomodate this. Allen thought the pumphouse roof should have the same pitch as the main house (I'm not sure why) so with the back elevation set, that is what the front worked out to. I don't think it will look so tall once the front is backfilled etc.

Hey Karen! Everybody should listen to Cowboy Junkies! I'm agast though, that I don't know the song that you referred to. I saw them in concert at Sloss years ago and actually met Margo and one of the guys. I was wondering about the eggs; we were missing them! Sorry to hear your chickens are down so.