Thursday, July 26, 2007

We're Baaaaack!!

Hey! We are up and running again! We had a thunderstorm here about Monday, I guess, and it zapped the computer even though we have a surge protector and all that. I know I am a moron for not having hard copies of a lot of stuff and I lost most everything. Most of my house photos, files, documents, etc. Anyway, it took a couple of days to get our programs loaded back up after we got the computer back but I am posting again! Quite a bit has been happening at the house. I have finished painting the bedroom and clerestory wall after much touch up. This is a real sagey (sp.?) color. I like it and think it will look good with the natural wood trim. I will start running trim tomorrow as a matter of fact. It's some really nice pine I had leftover from a job so I won't have to buy any of that for a while.
We have set the toilet but have encountered a problem with that. Here, Allen is removing the center of the toilet flange. It's made to pop out like that; they make it in there so that debris does not get thrown down your drain during construction. The toilet is left over from one of Allen's jobs and it's practically brand new. It's been several years since that job and we both forgot why the owners didn't want it. Well, we found out after hooking it up. There is a slight crack in the upper part of the bowl, so it leaks! But, I have various products for repairing porcelain and ceramics so I drained the toilet, let it dry and then patched the crack with a glazing material that you don't have to fire. Should work fine but it has to cure for at least 10 hours so it will be tomorrow before I know if it is OK. But that's what you get when you use reclaimed material. Most of the time stuff is in great shape but sometimes you do have an issue to deal with like that. Some people won't accept anything but perfect stuff but it doesn't bother me. The crack is on the side away from the door and under the seat, so no one will probably see it anyway.
Here we have put the wax ring on, note the kind that has the little plastic ring built in. Allen thinks these are better than just the wax. I know this is just riveting information but I don't have photos of much else! If you have never installed a toilet before though, this might come in handy someday because you never know.......
Allen secured the brass bolts in the toilet flange and then placed the toilet carefully down over them. It helps here if you have someone (me!) guide the bolts up through the holes in the toilet bottom because he was mostly concerned with getting the wax ring in the right spot. Then you press down evenly on the toilet to squish the toilet down over the wax ring. Allen just sits on it backwards; that mashes it down pretty good. Then you put the washers and nuts on the bolts and carefully tighten to snug the toilet down. I grouted under the toilet instead of just caulking because the slate, being natural stone and therefore of varying thickness, left a little bigger gap between the toilet and floor than say, VCT or linoleum would.
Well, hopefully my next post will be a little more exciting or at least more aesthetically pleasing. I am about to start setting light fixtures on the clerestory wall and I am going to be making these myself so you all have to help me and tell me if they look stupid or not. I'll show you what I'm thinking of doing; it's one of the best recycling projects I've come up with. Anybody out there drink a lot of wine?


pablo said...

So if you've grouted the toilet to the floor, will that be a problem should you ever want to remove the toilet for some reason?

Rurality said...

Need me to start saving bottles? :)

karl said...

normally i'd have plenty of wine bottles for any recycling project but i have also started a wine bottle recycling endeavor. i have also depleted all of my resources for wine bottles and still need more.

Floridacracker said...

Very reassuring to see the experts (you and alan) using the same toilet ring I use when I redo a bathroom floor.
Not a wine guzzler, can't help you there.

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! I had the same concern but it's not really a problem. The grout will adhere to the toilet some but here is the thing; the main reason people have to take a toilet back up is because the wax ring has failed and about the only reason a wax ring will fail is if the tiolet has been allowed to move (rock) even a tiny bit. It works the wax loose. By grouting under the toilet, that toilet will never move. So, if I want to remove the toilet because I bought a new one it won't matter that way either. I suppose there could be other things that could happen but you can get it loose without tearing stuff up.

Hey Karen! Yeah! but only if you drink the cheap stuff in the clear bottles like I do. Those dark green ones just won't work for this..

Hey karl! Yeah, I saw your project and that's so cool! I bet it's going to look great.

Hey FC! Well, Allen is more of the expert about toilets. I could make some really terrible joke here but I think I'll go on. The main thing is like with everything else; buy the best tools, materials etc. that you can afford to, the FIRST time.