Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Don't Get Around Much Anymore

Hey People! I have not forgotten about ya'll! They are working the crap out of us and I just can't seem to get any free time. What little I had I spent doing this. Anybody need any nice Christmas gifts?

I have several vacation days built up but cannot get even one day off to do a few things around the house. I'm attempting to get the sink etc. installed in the bath before Christmas but it seems everything is working against me. I'm grateful to still be working but it always seems to be feast or famine.

I should have this weekend off but they are talking about us having to work Christmas Eve. And no Christmas gifts this year at work. Our company is having some trouble I think. Work maybe scarce after the first of the year so I guess it's best I save all my vacation days. I'll try to be back soon. Serious about the pottery though. I ship anywhere in the U.S. If you are local just email me and I'll let you know when I'm home. You'll have like a 10 minute window! Ha! Just kidding.

*Recorded by Duke Ellington with lyrics in 1942. Originally written as an instrumental piece in 1940. Recorded by numerous artist but I like Willy Nelson's version.


Island Rider said...

That is beautiful work.

Linda said...

How much for the blue/green serving bowl on the right?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rider, they are just gorgeous! I am glad its just work keeping you from the blog, was worried you may have been unwell!

Being so busy in this global economy is a blessing, the pottery etc will wait till the quieter times. You are lucky to have more than a few skills up your sleeve!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Your pottery is lovely. Some time off construction work could be very productive pottery making.

Perhaps you should open an Etsy http://www.etsy.com/ account to market your pottery.

karl said...

top photo, largest brown mug with darker rim$?

karl said...

just right of center

Floridacracker said...

Beautiful work. Dang, you are talented!

edifice rex said...

Hey Rider! Thank you very much.

Hey Linda! I knew somebody would ask about that one since it has a slight defect in the bottom. You would just have to look at it. It got a couple of small pieces of kiln wash stuck in the bottom. Not a big deal but still don't know if I would sell it. That size goes for $16 though.

Hey Molly! Thank you. No, it just work, work, work and not having a day off. Yes, I am glad to have work and different skills too! I so need to get back to doing more pottery though. I really enjoyed doing these pieces.

Hey Philip! Thank you very much. Yes, in a way, I would really like to have some time to do more of this, just don't know when I can get it. I have looked into Etsy but there again, don't have time to deal with it right now. It might be a good outlet later though.

Hey karl! Oh, I knew you would see those mugs. You're going to cuss me but those are all sold. I did make one just for you but it did not come out. I didn't have real good luck with this firing. I need to do some repairs on my kiln etc. and then I am going to try again.

Hey FC! thank you, thank you!

Rurality said...

I need to come see you this weekend. :)

You still need to email me your phone #.

Gary said...

Fantastic work! I can't bring any housewares in without clearing it with the housewares coordinator (for example, I'm under a mug mandate whereby any incoming mug must have a corresponding outgoing mug). Also, if Etsy doesn't do the trick for ya and you want your own store let me know we might be able to work out some sort of website/store for ceramics barter...but again, I have to talk to the housewares coordinator... :)

maya said...

As the official "housewares coordinator" I'm giving Gary the green light on any of these pieces. I saw the picture and swooned. Your work is beautiful and just my taste too.
Gary - the coffee mug rule still stands though...:)

edifice rex said...

Hey Karen! Done! I should be around all weekend.

Hey Gary! Thanks!! Oh, I understand completely; you don't want to upset the coordinator! the barter deal might be good. I have heard good and bad about Etsy so I'm not sure about that. Ultimately, my own website would be what I would want.

Hey Maya! thank you very much! your beautiful food would look good on my dishes. lol!

Gary said...

Ok, since I now have appropriate authorization, I'm thinking outright purchase to start. Could I get a solo picture of the darker bowl at the very bottom right of the first picture and a price on the solo little bowl in the middle of the second picture/banner picture?

If you could drop me a note at [my first name] at [myblogsite] that would be great.

Thanks a million, Gary

edifice rex said...

OK Gary, I'm sending this info now. If I screw up and you don't get this let me know..

Linda said...

I'm guessing we'll see you some time around Christmas, so just don't sell that bowl to anyone else! If you do decide not to sell it because of the blemish, I understand, but I hope you'll make another in your next batch! That color is definitely my favorite :)

jojo said...

Bowls... i want and the mugs.. :)

do you have your own kiln? i bought a wheel last year. and then the milking the goats took over. and its been sitting here. :( but i did bunches of stuff (not like the quality of yours) and then never took it to be fired. How do you do that part of it?

amy said...

Okay, I have to admit it, I am one of those horrible lurkers who always reads but never comments. I actually started at the beginning and read all the way through (Karl's and Ron's too-though sad to see the latter seems to have dropped out of the bloggosphere). Just had to comment this time though, the pottery is beautiful!
Just some background, since you have probably seen my ISP multiple times on your info page-My S.O. (sig. other-sort of like a BFA, I guess) and I are trying to build our own place too, temporary cabin (later writing room for me) to stay in first while the bigger build goes on. We have no background, so seeing people that know how to do it -you- helps quite a bit. As does seeing another woman wielding power tools.
I have enough trouble keeping up with life and our blog (amyandjoshscabin.com) let alone making beautiful things like you do, just wanted to let you know you are fabulous and inspirational, oh-and since the pottery is what made me finally comment, what do you ask for mugs and those gorgeous round, brown bowls with spirals at the bottom? By the way, did my masters thesis on Beowulf, so Grendel pulled me in immediately:)

edifice rex said...

Hey Linda! Yeah, your dad is supposed to be calling ya'll about coming here for Christmas. I'll make more bowls like that later for sure.

Hey jojo! Yeah, the bowls and mugs are always the first to go. You need to get that wheel out and do some more stuff!!
I use an old L&L electric kiln to fire my stuff to cone 6. It's pretty simple. I'll try to do a post sometimes on how exactly my pieces are fired. I would love to build a wood fired kiln but I fear that is way in the future.

Hey Amy! Well, I'm glad you finally commented and thank you so for your kind words. After today I sure don't feel fabulous and inspirational, I just hurt all over, so your compliments really helped me feel a little up!
I have seen your blog but unfortunately just haven't had time to read a lot of it. I'm behind on a lot of people's. and I hate that Ron has gone also. He had a lot of good info on his blog.
I need to do some more how-to posts but if you ever have any questions on anything feel free to ask. I'd be happy to help ya'll out.
My regular size mugs go for $12 a piece and the large are $15. The bowls are $12 each also. All of those items have sold though. Well, I think I do have one regular size mug left. thanks again and good luck with your building. Grendal says 'hi!"

Aunty Belle said...


Those are beautiful pieces! Wow. Love the blue --I'se definitely interested in gittin'
aholt of some.

Hope ya git yore sink in, Sugar. Iffin' I dona make it back heah afore Christmas, have a Merry Merry Christmas!

edifice rex said...

Hey Aunty! Thank you so much! I'll be showing some more pottery after a while.
I should be able to get the sink in fine. The countertop has gone very well.
You have a very Merry Christmas also.