Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas, Baby

I truly want to wish everyone of you that read my goofy, little blog a very happy and peaceful holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice or it just being the end of the year. I hope all of you are able to be with your friends and loved ones and see your heart's desires made real.

Grendal says don't forget your furry friends either! I was shocked to see that she actually posed for a number of photos, even wearing that bow. She was feeling quite festive I guess! Trying to get Lika to sit still for any kind of photo was more than my patience could endure right now; maybe later.

The weather here has turned very unChristmas-like; it's very warm and they say it will stay warm for the next few days. Monday it was very cold though. I think when we were getting tools out that morning it was like 19 or 20 degrees. I got to work in a warm building though so I was really gloating to myself over that. I should have known better. You remember I'm working in a food distribution center over on the section that is nearing completion. One of the last things we (I) have to do is weld up heavy duty guard rails around the doorways etc. I noticed after lunch the building seemed much colder than that morning but thought it was just my imagination, but I put my jacket on anyway. A little while later I was even colder and then I realized what was happening. They had turned on the chillers to ready that section of building for use. See, we are adding on to their freezer and dry storage so by the end of the day, it was colder inside the building than outside! I have had to work inside the sections that are kept at about -30 degrees but, fortunately, this section will only be around 35 degrees. LOL!
So, we had to work today but got to go home at 11:00 a.m. instead of 12 noon, I think in part to an ammonia leak. They use that stuff to get it so cold in those buildings and when they energize a new system there is usually a few bugs in it. It was so bad you couldn't even go in the door (the odor can be deadly) so I couldn't do my welding. I think this aggravated our superintendent and he decided we would just call it a little early. Nobody was complaining! So, I got home in time to clean up and had some nice food fixed for my brother and sister and their families and my Mom. My neice and nephew decorated my tree for me; I hadn't even had time to do that. Maybe tomorrow I can make some of those cookies or something. I'm off until Monday so I am really going to enjoy the next few days and get a few things done around here. I have a couple of projects completed that I want to show you people. I'll try to make up for not posting much lately.

*many versions by various artists but I like Elvis' the best.


karl said...

thank you for the wonderful bowls. we promptly used them. the kids really enjoy them too. you are too kind. they are so beautiful.

i hope you have a great few days off and get to celebrate a bit.

merry christmas

-the pile of omelays

Richard said...

Merry Christmas Annie.

Island Rider said...

Merry Christmas to you as well! Your blog is a gift that I enjoy year round.

Jenn said...

What an excellent picture of Grendal. That is a fine gift.

It's raining here in the desert. I'm hoping Nature's gift to us here will be another fantastic spring wildflower bloom.

Have a warm and wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

I hope your Chistmas is a wonderful one! Puss looks cute in that bow! Make sure you get some rest!

edifice rex said...

Hey karl! You are more than welcome; I hope you and your family enjoy them. Merry Christmas!

Hey Richard! Merry Christmas to you and try to keep warm up there!

Hey Rider! thank you very much!

Hey Jenn! Yes, that was a great thing for Grendal to pose so well for me! Hope you get that wildflower bloom also. Maybe one day I will get to see the wildflowers in the desert.

Hey molly! I certainly am going to rest good and just have a good time.

Woody said...

Merry Christmas Annie...Hope the new year brings you the best.


edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! I hope the same for you and yours!!

The Country Experience said...

My goodness, did someone drug the cat? Because mine would never stoop so low as to allow a lowly human to think they are posing for the camera. ;) That would be ludicrous!

edifice rex said...

Hey CE! I don't know what got into her! Maybe she just thought she would humor me or maybe she realizes so many people love to see her picture on the blog! She loves attention after all!