Saturday, December 20, 2008

This Old Heart Of Mine

Hey Karen, look at this! I think it's kinda the same shape and everything. Well, not the same size but you know what I mean.
I'm astounded that I keep finding these heart-shaped rocks because I've told ya'll about my complete inability to normally pick out anything like 4-leafed clovers and such. I found this one several weeks ago when we were grading little piles of gravel in some forms we had built in order to pour door stoops at the warehouse I am on now. Some gravel had fallen outside the form and I looked down and there it was.

I have been using work as an excuse not to post much lately, and that is true, but I have also just not felt a lot like writing lately. I have a terrible confession. Christmas is just not a lot of fun for me most of the time. I try very hard every year to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and just enjoy the season. I don't put a lot of pressure on myself to buy much. Most of my family and friends prefer stuff I make anyway and I do really enjoy making things for people. I love to give gifts. But it is often a sad season to me and seems like for the past 6 or 7 years something has always happened to make it even worse. Last year a cousin that we had all grown up with passed away very sudden and unexpectedly. She was only 46 and my mother's twin sister's only child. She died on Dec.23 so it was very sad. The previous 3 years I was very sick every year on Christmas, even spending part of one Christmas in the emergency room. I think one of those years was also when Allen got me a toilet flange for Christmas. Anything having to do with a toilet is never a good Christmas gift. Ever. Even if it is stainless steel and made in the USA. And especially if you are trying to decide if you will continue to live together.
So, this year I decided I was going to pick up an old family tradition that my wonderful aunt Corinne used to do. She had no family of her own, like me, but would fix breakfast for all the rest of us on Christmas Eve. I was going to have some friends over who I know don't have family that they get together with and all that. Now, we have to work overtime up to Christmas Eve and then until noon on that day, so that puts the kibosh on that.
I don't think I ask for a lot. I don't want diamonds and pearls (although I wouldn't throw them out in the yard in I got them!) lol! I would just like one Christmas that I wasn't sick, nobody dies and I don't have to work like hell right up until that night. You know, just to relax and do some baking, make some nice gifts, that sort of thing. Even I don't have the nerve to go up to one of these superintendents I work for, with their big, gruff selves, and say, "hey, I want 2 days off so I can stay home and make cookies!" That doesn't go over well. Especially when they have 200 feet of footings they need poured and it's been raining for the last week.
But, I got to move into my house last Christmas so you never know, maybe next Christmas I'll be able to take the whole week off and maybe even wake up on Christmas Day next to some handsome man that has bought me some nice, shiny thing that does not have anything to do with a toilet. You know, like a new 20 oz., straight claw, leather handle Estwing!

* The Isley Brothers


Rurality said...

Why, what a lovely blog in the background there, LOL.

Hope you don't get sick or have anybody die on you. Or get any toilet-related gifts. :) Had to laugh when I googled Estwing!

Thanks for showing us around today!

myamuhNative said...

I have my fingers crossed that you find that Handsome man of your very own soon!
And if he has a brother can I have him?
I looked up the Estwing too -figured it was a hammer when you mentioned claw-it is quite a handsome tool. Do you already have one?
BTW speaking of really nice things, I got my mugs today .They are even nicer than the pictures!!
I am so pleased to have them that I may not be able to give any of them as gifts after all ;).
All of you other folks need to order some pottery quick-you won't be disappointed!!
thanks again.

molly said...

ER, how about a Christmas in July so you can get everyone together? Or celebrate a week early or something if work is going to get in the way?

We do that as a family so we all get together at least once a year, Christmas with our bunch is almost impossible with some of us divorced ones sharing children on the day, some too far to travel with wee ones, others going on trips etc.

Hope you do have a magical holiday anyway, no matter how the day pans out!

Floridacracker said...

Well, I prefer the 22 oz Estwing ...

I hope you get that cookie time, hammer, etc.

Pablo said...

With the many patterns you're able to identify in your life events -- the odd coincidences and such -- I'm surprised that you don't also find things like four-leaf clovers and patterns in rocks.

I am sorry you've had so many bummer holidays. Over the years I've found that I'm not much of a celebration person myself and would probably be a morose mess if left to myself. But I know that others feel the cheer, so I put on a pleasant face and join the fun.

We're all your friends, Annie, and you can trust to us to wish you cheer. I can't (legally) do anything about helping you to share your bed with a handsome man. Nor can I get you off work. And I have to confess that for our anniversary one year, Libby and I exchanged machetes, but if warm wishes count for anything, consider yourself flooded with them.

Woody said...

Annie...Have a Merry Christmas where ever and when ever you can get away with it...


edifice rex said...

Hey Karen! Yes, it is a lovely blog isn't it?!
Thanks to ya'll for stopping by, it was great to have visitors. Hey, that Estwing is a fine hammer. Now any man that would get me one of those would be tops on my list! lol! Hope you and Philip have a very Merry Christmas.

Hey Native! Oh, I'm so happy you got your mugs and like them!
I'm sure Handsome man will come along in his time and yes, if he has a brother I will point him your way! Ha!
That is one of the finest hammers I have ever owned. I do have one now but the claws are wore down so that I have trouble pulling nails with it! and the handle is falling apart. They are very hard to find in this area though; don't know why.

Hey Molly! Well, my small family is actually able to get together at Christmas and we have a good time, it's just some external forces always seem to cast a pall over things. I'll have the rest of the week off so I'll be able to spend some time at home too. I probably just expect too much for the holidays. But it is more fun if you're not doped up from sickness and laying on the couch.
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas too!

Hey FC! Well, all the guys I work with carry a 22 oz. also. I always kid them and tell them they don't always need such a big tool if they know how to use it. The hammer you know, uh, never mind..

Hey Pablo! Warm wishes count for LOTS! Thank you and I about spewed coffee all over my moniter while reading your comment! That handsome man will come along one day and we normally don't have to work on Christmas Eve so it's just one of those things. I guess the reason stuff like that bothers me is because I love the holidays and want them to be great but life just has it's own plans sometimes. I'll have fun anyway.
I'm surprised I can't find 4-leafed clover too and I can't help but take it kinda personal because I consider myself an observant person! But repetitions in events are a lot different that repetitions in shape and color, I guess.
Oh, a machete is still a better gift than a toilet flange.

Hey Woody! I will!! We will have fun at work and I have the rest of the week off so it will be good. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

Richard said...

Merry Christmas Annie. My it be filled was lots of joy. Some time it's just best to walk around and enjoy all the things that God has given you at this time of the year.

edifice rex said...

Merry Christmas to you Richard! You are right about that; God has given me a great gift but it makes me want to give back. And that is something I feel I am not able to do adequately because I have to work too much etc. etc.

Chieftain of Seir said...

You scared me untill I read the comments.

Who in the trades does not already own a Estwing?

edifice rex said...

Hey Chieftain! I know a few guys who carry a Plumb or Craftsman but they still own a Estwing.! lol! Funny thing, I did not care for the Estwings until I found the leather handled ones. LOVE them! They are very well balanced.

countrypeapie said...

So glad to discover your blog and all of your beautiful handwork! We moved to Blount County a couple of years ago with the goal of finding some land and building an eco-friendly house, so I'm sure to be roaming your site on a regular basis.

I felt compelled to leave a comment on this post because we're experiencing a particularly dreary holiday this year; I keep expecting to return home from running an errand only to find the house on fire. Maybe if we less-than-festive folks hold tight, we'll keep each other warm.

And wow -- yeah -- toilet accessories for Christmas. And not even a furry lid cover or tanktop kleenex cozy to go with it. Eeek.

edifice rex said...

Hey peapie! I'm so glad you came by and left a comment. I'm always glad to hear from fellow Blount countians.
I hate to hear your holiday is dreary so far; hopefully it will get better. Mine has improved somewhat.
If ya'll have any questions about building please feel free to ask me about stuff. In fact, if you would like to come visit and see how I have built my house you are more than welcome. Just email me and I'll tell you how to get here.

Apifera Farm said...

I think any holidays can bring out extremes in situations and people/families. I can relate to your post. I gave up the guilt thing for Christmas years ago , maybe in my 40's, and if I felt like spreading cheer I did - but the idea of sending letters and things to people who don't partake or want to partkake in my life, it just didn't make sense. It's the little things. I think it's cool what you're doing and I started out as a potter. Cheers-

edifice rex said...

Hello Apifera! thanks! I think holidays have just gotten way too stressful and not even centered on their origins anymore.