Sunday, April 05, 2009

Say Hey

I think Grendal has grown to enjoy posing for photos. She used to run when I got the camera out but now she hams it up for me. Maybe she's reading the blog while I'm at work and now realizes her world-wide fame.

Well, not much news to report from my parts. I have worked on the house some. Not nearly as much as I need to but sometimes there are just some other things more important. I did go by and price some cabinets the other week. Just the base cabinet for my pantry would be $2,000 if I order it. I knew it was going to be expensive but didn't think that much. So, looks like I may be building all or part of the cabinets myself. I will probably build the cabinet box and order the doors. They are generally affordable.

I'm not sure what my work situation is right now. We are getting very slow. I have just a couple of short projects to finish this week and then may have to take some time off for a while until we get more work. I hate to say that I would like to be laid off but could certainly use the time on the house. Of course, I can draw unemployment but that is miserably low here in Alabama so probably would not allow me to buy any materials for the house. But even that's Ok as I have some materials stored up and can scrounge quiet a lot.

It continues to rain heavily here every couple of days and all the trees and plants are sprouting like crazy. The dogwoods are starting to bloom. The onions I planted are growing well and the brussel sprouts have picked up production. I hope to be able to harvest much more food from my gardens this year.

I'll try to get back soon with some more posts. If the rain will hold off today I am going to try to run a little more exterior trim that The Man and I primed and readied yesterday.


Sissy T. said...

Keeping busy, Annie, is the key to success and you seem to have it 'down pat'. Just remembered, I have 2.5 pounds of red onion sets needing some soil real soon. Take care and enjoy the moments!

The baby plums - Ah, aren't they beautiful!

Pablo said...

Howsa pup, Annie?

Is there any buzz in your field about stimulus dollars getting you guys more work? How long do you think it will take to get through the pipeline and gets some projects underway? Any talk about that?

edifice rex said...

Hey Sissy! Yeah, I have keeping busy down pat! I could relax a little though. ;)

Hey Pablo! Pup's fine! I'll post some about him soon.
No, there doesn't seem to be much indication that the stimulus money is going to help us any, other than the possibility that some of our clients may get some and therefore be able to build.
there is much talk about how long it is going to take for jobs to start up again. Most of the concensus I hear is around 6 months to a year. We have at least two jobs right now on hold due to lack of financing.

Woody said...

Hah! ya put him to work already!? Your evil plot to snare the man with your womanly ways only to keep him as your personal work slave...You have been exposed!

Hope your work situation becomes more clear soon.

I would think you would do a wonderful job on building your own cabinet bases. Your no hack.


tammy (kitty lover) said...

Hello to you and the grendel kitty!

Just an idea on the cabinets- check craigslist in your area and some of the larger towns in your area some times people are switching out cabinets or have extra inventory and you can get some deals. Also sometimes i have seen just doors from cabinet shops and stuff at great prices. Or you might find some good priced lumber. You might use old hutches and refinish them for a "cabinet look" which fits in with the recycle and reuse theme.

Just a comment on the job situation. I think i see a tendency of the labor market to get away from "large" business and into individual effort. With your talents and artistic abilities maybe it is time to stretch yourself more into that direction.
The only issues is creating the business (ie making enough money) and for a lot of people the "benefits". From what i have seen the benefits are not there from the "jobs" anymore anyway and the money either. So it doesn't seem much like a risky situation as it use to be. The electronic age has helped in the marketing and business end as well.

karl said...

i hope you get some time to get your garden going so you can have a large harvest.

edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! Oooohnooooo! I've been found out! Haha! If my 'womanly ways' work that good I think I'd like him to be another type of slave too! HA!!
I think we'll find something out about work here before too long.
Yeah, I think I could do OK on my cabinets; I just wanted to save some time BUT...

Hey Tammy! Those are really great ideas. There is a local cabinet shop here in town that I am going to go see, maybe I can come up with a deal there. I like the idea of recycling/restoring old hutches. Finding something of decent quality can be a problem but that's something to look into.
I would like to work on my own stuff and yeah, I carry my own insurance anyway so there are not many 'benefits' to the company other than they pay part of SS and deal with the taxes for me, which I hate to do. Something will work out.

Hey karl! Well, I hope so too. The Man and I are making big plans anyway to have a bigger garden this year and I know he will help me.