Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Just when we thought winter was finally over. Hopefully, this little cold spell did not do any real damage but I have doubts about the state of my baby plums now. I covered the tree but they still seemed to have been bitten pretty hard. This is catnip and it usually recovers well from a little cold.
I had a doctor's appointment first thing this morning so I went in a little later. I actually got to see the sun come up at my place instead of some warehouse. I have a nice patch of strawberries and hope they fair well. They really had not even started blooming yet so I think they will be okay.

This is just some weeds but I liked the patterns that the frost made on their leaves.
I also hope I have time soon to write a longer post. Work is a big issue now, for me and others. Just when other things are starting to go well too, something happens to throw you a curve. I think it will all work out fine though.


Anonymous said...

I know ideally we dont want our plants covered in ice, however they do look gorgeous!

Floridacracker said...

Those frost pics are great! Hope work finds you!

Sissy T. said...

What type of camera are you using to get your such close-ups? I love the frosty trims. Everything will be okay - don't worry.

countrypeapie said...

Yeah -- what they said -- cool frost shots!

edifice rex said...

Hey Molly! thanks; I love the patterns that ice and frost makes.

Hey FC! thanks!

Hey Sissy! It is a Sony Cyber shot with a 3x zoom lens. Nothing fancy.

Hey Pea! thanks!