Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Do you see them?! Little, baby plums. Everywhere! Now, if I can just get them to grow and the bugs or cold not get them.
A Japanese print. To me.

A little group of seahorses.

I just don't recall ever seeing a cluster of trillium before.

A new oak leaf hydrangea.
Thank you all for your recent comments and well wishes. The morning after I asked for your thoughts, The Man From 12 Years did receive some information that he had been waiting months for. I think it will help give him some closure.


Woody said...

Nice photos Annie..

I'm happy to hear that The Man may find some answers.


Sissy T. said...

All of life renews itself, again and again as you and The Man know, and which is verified each day we live. May God bless you both and let us thank God for ongoing life with all its beauty.


The Country Experience said...

Closure is good. Hopefully he will find the peace he is seeking.

Great pictures. Do you fertilize your plum tree?

countrypeapie said...

Beautiful -- I love the seahorses!

edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! Thanks on both accounts.

Hey Sissy! Amen! I'll go for that.

Hey CE! I think he will in time.
Thanks. Yes, I apply an organic, build up formula to all my fruit trees that I order from Gardens Alive.

Hey Pea! Thanks!

Rurality said...

I was at a Trillium talk over the weekend and the guy mentioned how unusual it is for that type of Trillium to clump. He said it happens most often when the rhizomes are damaged (by roots for example).