Monday, September 07, 2009

Let's Get It Started Part 2

Some of ya'll might remember that way back in February I took several cuttings from my existing lavender plants to attempt to start some new ones. This is how they are progressing so far. I had five to begin with but am now down to three. That is my fault really, not due to the plants just not making it. When they were still in their little starter pots, I got kinda bad about forgetting them and would let them get very dry between waterings. So, I accidentally let two of them dry up! Oops! So, I figured these had established their roots and transplanted them into the new bed about 6 weeks ago. That way they would not be put at risk of drying out so much. This has worked well and they have really taken off! They have a very nice new green growth and look very healthy. This transfer could have been done some time ago but I got lazy about it. When they get a little bigger I will transfer them to their permanent home, which seems timed about right as one of my old, large lavenders is not looking so well. I believe it is slowly dying and will have to be discarded.
Anyway, this method with the willow water seems to work well. I tried a couple of sprigs and put the willow snips right in the jar with them and they did not work at all. Seems it's best to soak the willow for a while and then discard the twigs, just use the resulting water.

The changing of the weather is becoming a little more obvious here. It's still plenty warm but the mornings are a little cooler. The sun is also just beginning to makes it's reappearance into the house. This morning there was a sliver of sunshine running along the floor, down the length of the house. That still fascinates me! It's so cool!

Hope you all have a great Labor Day and hopefully I will get much done on my window. Post photos of that soon!

*The Black-Eyed Peas


HermitJim said...

Good luck with the lavender plants! The place is starting look really good!

Hope you have a good weekend, my friend!

Floridacracker said...

I thought that was a Pink song? What do I know, I only REALLY pay attention to Buffett.

Everyone else is just a back up singer ... LOL!

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! thanks, man! hope you have had a good weekend too.

Hey FC! well, Pink does have a very similarly titled song, but it is, "Get The Party Started".
you Parrothead! lol!

Beau said...

Lavender! I've been planting some this week- found a few grosso varieties on sale in pint size. I have let them dry out too before, taking their drought tolerance for granted. But I've never made cuttings and need to try that... willow water? Neat idea.

Erin from Iowa said...

I love lavender. The smell relaxes me so. I have always wanted to grow it but never got around to it and I live in a apt now. The widows do face west so maybe there is hope for it as a houseplant?

Anonymous said...


Just a quick note to say hey and try not to get down on yourself. Sometimes women give men way too much credit and tend to question what's wrong with themselves rather than admit that guys can be and often are insensitive jerks(I know,I'm one alot...just ask my wife).

You're a very nice person and I count you as a friend. I pray that the good Lord sends a helpmate into your life that is worthy of all you have to offer as a person.

Boy, this sure was a sappy post....better go before I start getting in touch with my feminine side!!!

Take care,


edifice rex said...

Hey Beau! yeah, the willow water seems to work.

Hey Erin! yeah, I love lavender too. the 2 plants I have produce more than enough cuts flowers and dried buds for me. I don't know if it would work as a house plant....hmmm. not sure.

edifice rex said...

Hey Barry! lol! yeah, don't let your wife see you being so sensitive!
Well, I guess what I said sounded wrong; i wasn't meaning to sound bad towards myself and I have actually recently met several really nice guys. I'm not sure what I meant really but nobody (myself included) has acted badly. I'm just self conscious I guess.
I count you and your wife as friends also so keep praying !!!! lol!