Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who'll Stop The Rain?

Grendal is getting so desperate to go outside she is willing to endure the humiliation of sitting under an umbrella. The rain has not been terribly heavy, just never-ending it seems, so there is a space under the eaves that stays somewhat dry and she stays smushed up against the side of the house. I put my umbrella outside the door to wash off and she thought it was a good place to sit for some fresh air. She didn't want her picture taken but, ever mindful of my faithful readers, I convinced her this was for the greater good.
This morning it had stopped for a while so I thought I'd jump on the chance to go for a walk. Lika was a little impatient with me. What are you waiting on?! Walk! We go for walk!
you can see in the foreground one of my dying lavender plants. Don't know if this is due to so much rain lately but many of my other flowers in this bed have turned black. Must be some kind of fungus or mold. I hope they survive.
Despite so much rain, the creek is really not up very much. It has been such a slow rain that it is soaking in I guess. The soil here is very sandy and allows that I suppose. The large plant on the upper right is that beautiful 'kiss me over the garden gate', which was just getting ready to bloom when the rains came and washed all the blossoms off.
What's left of my flower bed by the drive. Many of the plants have gotten sickly this year. The very tall plant there is a Maximilian Sunflower. I have been waiting all summer for this thing to bloom. It is well over 7' tall and covered with buds. Hopefully, the sun will return soon and let them all open.
Thanks for all the well wishes for Mom! She got out of the hospital Saturday and is doing better. Any subsequent tests will be done in Birmingham.

I think I mentioned that I am laid off again and hope to stay that way for a while. I asked my last boss and personnel director to keep it kinda quiet that I am out of work! I hate to say that but I really must get this siding finished before winter. I had hoped to do a couple of art shows this fall but work has all but screwed that up completely. All deadlines are past or shows just too close to be able to produce any work. Now, if it will just stop raining! I am determined though, to work on it, even if I have to do some in the rain. My eaves are wide enough to keep most of the rain off of me! I hope everyone else is dry (not parched) and not being washed away!



Floridacracker said...

Love CCR

That sunflower looks like my swamp sunflower which is just now about to open it's buds. They are so tall, I bet some are 8 to 9 feet!

Island Rider said...

It finally stopped raining here so we got to ride today. Hopefully, your skies will be clear soon.

Aunty Belle said...

Good news on yore Mama!

Them poor critters has cabin fever.

Edi-Rex, yosue the onliest person I heered of thas' happy to be laid off. But I git that. Hopin' ya have time fer art and bldg projects.

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! yeah, must be the same plant; this one is at least 8 feet.

Hey IR! glad to hear things are better there! it is sunny and clear this morning; don't know how long that will last though.

Hey Aunty! yeah, they do! me too!

well, I hate to say that I am happy to be laid off but I do need the time! lol! but the way things go, when I am ready to work again, won't be anything! haha!

countrypeapie said...

I've not checked up in a while -- I'm working my way back through the posts, but I just wanted to stop and say that I'm glad your mom is feeling better!

edifice rex said...

Hey Pea! thanks!!

page said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! I think the lavenders are drowning, we've had a tragic summer in that regard. The only plants doing well are in a bed that is sucked dry by privet. Not that I am knocking the rain, but really.

edifice rex said...

Hey Page! yeah, I think they are too! along with much other stuff. luckily I had some success starting those new lavender sprouts so I do have some to replace these with at no cost. Ready for a break in the rain too!

Linda said...

It could be worse Grennie! It could have been a PINK umbrella :)