Sunday, May 23, 2010

World Of Hurt

I have to laugh sometimes when I think about some of the comments you guys leave, complimenting me on my carpenter abilities and such. My ability to construct all these things by my little self. Now, I'm not making fun or mocking anything you say and it's not that I don't truly appreciate such kind words; I really do. What I mean is, ya'll just can't see what a complete goober I am sometimes. If any of you could ever be here while I'm might end up thinking, 'lord, it's a wonder that woman can walk and talk at the same time' or 'how did she ever do this without cutting her head off!?' Well, actually, if you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, I'm sure you are quite aware of what a freakin' goober I am!
Let me explain what I mean. I was up on the clerestory section yesterday doing a little caulking where I had run that siding. Now, on that end I have had trouble with wasps wanting to build in the wall. I have killed literally hundreds of wasps over the months there but I believed I had gotten them all. So, I'm up there caulking away, and mind you, I have to stand right on the edge of the roof to get to that side, when I feel something scurry down my neck. Now, in my flurry of activity, I had forgotten that i had tucked my carpenter's pencil up in my ball cap and that might be what had slipped down and I now felt on my neck. No, all I could remember is that the wasps might not be gone, in fact, I had seen a couple, so that is what I instantly determined was on my neck. I'm not sure what exactly happened next. All I remember is terror, ducking and slapping and a sudden pain across the bridge of my nose! What had I done!? I looked down and caulk and blood were going everywhere and in that same instance the phone started ringing. Well, the hell with that, I wasn't going to try to answer it, I had to find out why I was bleeding! I finally got the caulk stopped and eventually determined that I had hit myself in the face with the caulking gun, cutting myself across the bridge of my nose. As if my face doesn't look bad enough, I have to keep bashing myself there! I was greatly relieved when I woke up this morning and did not have a black eye from it. Now, I just have to think up some good story to tell the guys when they inevitably ask why a have this cut across my snozz. What do you think? grizzly bear? bar fight?

On a good note though I harvested some raspberries!!! It was just a few but I've never been able to get them to grow before, much less make fruit! They were SO good! I have 4 plants in right now and thought I would plant grapes the rest of the way across the back of the garden but I may have to buy some more raspberries! Yummmm!

And my blueberries are making fruit too!! They are actually doing better than the raspberries. I only have two of these. I cleaned up in the garden some and did some major mulching on what little I have planted.
I continued to work on the clerestory area, putting the soffit material up on the side overhangs that never got put up and the other set of corner boards. That's been pretty easy, other than being super hot up there. So, maybe it won't be too long before I will be completely finished with the siding.
Yea, and I still hear ya'll snickering about my nose!.... I know! I was making mad, passionate love to some good-looking man when he suddenly lost his footing......

*Drive By Truckers


HermitJim said...

Girl, you crack me up with the stories of your mis-adventures!
Reallt brightens up my day! (the post...not the fact that you busted up your nose!)

Thought I better clarify tat!

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! LOL! glad you enjoyed it!

wolfek said...

Yep, I was going to suggest "Wild Sex over the Weekend" for the guys at work. Sure would make them wonder. That's much better than the caulking gun story but that one make me grin as I read it. Glad it wasn't wasps and the caulking gun! It was hot to be on the roof. Are you about done with that job?

page said...

looks like potter fingers---does your thumb go back almost flat, you know double-jointed----hands are interesting---going to love my new go with my new of the tinies has a very small eggshell and patchouli blossoms in it---not sure how relevant this is to your post, but I enjoy reading and hardly ever comment...if that's of any consequence---am so impressed with you, caulk gun and all.

Woody said...


edifice rex said...

Hey Kathy! well, they suggest it themselves when I wouldn't tell them what happened! lol!
I still have a fair amount to do up there on the roof actually. Bleh.

Hey Page! you know, I'm not double-jointed at all and due to such work over the years my hands are not terribly flexible. Any comments are fine with me; whether they seem relevant to the posts or not!

Hey Woody! yeah!

Rusty said...

OUCH! Can't say I blame you for swatting first and fast - but... And that spot looks like one scary place to work. (I hate heights). As for wasps, hornets, and their ilk - I give them space but I will eventually attack if they happen to become a hazard.

ps - I think wolfek had the best idea for an answer. (Very big grin)

edifice rex said...

Hey Rusty! yeah, I thought so too! lol!
well, I don't bother the wasps and such either usually but these had become a hazard, like you say, and then they just can't be tolerated.

Ed said...

Had that been me, I probably would have jumped off the roof. At least you only have a cut.

Beau said...

I guess that really was AAWWWOOOOOO!!! Probably more like damn stupid wasps!!!! I can't stand the buggers... they're everwhere these days. Hope your nose is better.

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! well, it's a wonder i didn't fall off!

Hey Beau! ha! lol! yeah, it was! and some more colorful stuff!