Sunday, September 05, 2010

Appalachain Morning

I hope the weather has been as beautiful for you all as it has been for me here this weekend. The weather has been absolutely sublime the past few days and I have actually been able to enjoy it as we took Friday off in addition to having Monday. The air has been so cool with very little humidity. It's that feeling that only comes with the arrival of fall. I haven't had to run the air-conditioning since Thursday and slept with the windows open last night. Gawd, what luxury! Wonderfully cool temps, a new, comfy bed and fresh, silky sheets to slide into. It doesn't get much better. I love the feeling of this time of year but am sad for the departure of summer. Well, that's life I guess. Each season has it's joys and sorrows.

We finished the job so much so that we really didn't have much to do after Wednesday. I worked half a day Thursday and came home. Unfortunately, we don't get paid if we don't work but we had made enough hours the previous days to actually have a full week. I did get called to go to another job and look at a project that I will be working on next week. I have to restore a 20 foot weather vane for an old, historic church in downtown Birmingham. It looks to be a very interesting project, albeit short. At least I'm not laid off yet.

I have been working on the pantry, trying to get it completely finished. I completed the staining and finishing of the cabinet there and will be preparing to pour the countertop soon. Capt. Jack got my push mower running again and helped with a few other things around the house. How handy to have someone who can help with such things. I can do a lot but don't know much about small engines so having someone willing to do that is great. It has been great having him around but I do see one issue we have. He loves to bring me stuff and I am having some difficulty making him understand my aversion to 'stuff'! Especially when he sees that my house is not filled to the brim like a lot of people's these days. He has noticed my Spartan living conditions and I think that makes him feel compelled to bring me food, books, farming stuff, tools, whiskey, clothes, and just about anything else he thinks I might need or want. I think I am making him understand that I am not a 'stuff' person but that is a hard thing for some people to overcome. It has taken me years to make my Mom understand and to not buy me things. Of course, it's better than having someone who doesn't give a damn and is stingy.

Seems like there was something else I was going to tell ya'll about but can't think of it now. Oh well, if I remember I'll come back.

*Paul Winter


Deb said...

It got down in the 30's last night here...enough to kill a few leaves in the garden, but I covered everything up that was worth saving so it all worked out. I love this cool, clear weather.

I have an aversion to stuff too, which my husband just cannot understand. Although whiskey would be okay!

HermitJim said...

Sounds to me like Capt. Jack is going to be trainable...if you go about it in the right way!

He is just trying to express how much he cares, and sooner or later he'll get it right!

Wish we could get some of that cool weather down here!

You have a great holiday!

edifice rex said...

Hey Deb! 30's so soon!! ugh! that is just so wild; I'm glad I'm down here. Cool to us is upper 50's! Excellent sleeping weather.
Yeah, if I can get him to bring me chocolate now all will be great! lol!

Hey Jim! Yeah, I'm thinking he may be trainable too! lol! He generally gets it right although I feel he shouldn't go to so much trouble sometimes. Sometimes I feel bad about somebody wanting to give me so much.
Hope you have a good holiday too jim!

countrypeapie said...

i thought this weather would never come! and i totally understand about the stuff -- we have entirely too much of it and i am trying so hard to get the rest of family on board with getting rid of most of it

Robbyn said...

Lightning storms are overhead, but can't wait to get back to peruse your archives..HOW did I miss the newest chapter with Captain Jack...have I been that out of it?? argghhh...back as soon as I get the all clear, woo!

edifice rex said...

Hey Pea! yeah, most people have a really hard time letting go of 'stuff'. It's kind of fascinating in a way.

Hey Robbyn! hope you got to come back and had no trouble with the lightning at your place!