Sunday, September 12, 2010

Enjoy The Ride

Well, I did manage to get a little done on the house this weekend. With Capt. Jack's help I got the rest of this siding run on the clerestory wall. I needed to run a full 12' length of siding over the windows, which also has notches cut out for the rafters, and such a piece is very difficult to install by yourself. Having a second pair of hands was very helpful. I also got over half of this area caulked but didn't finish that or get the other side of the clerestory sided. I might have time before we leave for our trip but work may take screw that up also.
At any rate, we got some stuff done and had a good time and that is what is important.

We took a little time Saturday to enjoy some archery practice. I have a recurve bow and love to shoot just for fun. Capt. Jack recently bought a crossbow, which Alabama made legal for hunting last year or the year before, I can't remember. Crossbows have been legal for handicapped people for some time but now anyone can use them. Anyway, he has not had much opportunity to shoot the bow but my land is very conducive for such, so we set up the target and Capt. Jack worked on sighting the bow in, as that had not even been done. After he got it shooting what he thought was pretty close, he let me shoot some. The bow has a draw weight of 150 lbs. I can't even pull the drawstring back, so he has to load it for me. Anyway, I shot several times and had various results, sometimes missing the target. Then, he went inside to get some water and I shot again, this time placing the bolt right in the bull's eye. I assure you, it was just pure luck. He came back out and grabbed up his binoculars to see. The target was about 150' off, so I couldn't even see the bolts once they were in the target. Now, Capt. Jack had placed the two bolts in the lower right hand corner but he quickly spied mine in the center. "Sonovabitch!" he exclaimed. "that was pure luck!" We both laughed and he teased me some more and mumbled something about damn women. He was a good sport to pose with my shot, knowing I would put this on the blog. We had a good time. We also set up his tent to make sure we knew what we were doing before getting out west with it and planned a little more where we are going. I am so excited about this trip.

More and more wildflowers keep sprouting up around here. It's kinda funny that they seem to be getting closer and closer the the house. I don't remember seeing these flowers just outside the kitchen windows before. It's sort of like the house is drawing the flowers to it. I know, that sounds all woo-woo. Well, so what.! Sometimes I'm kinda woo-woo.

I have a little more work to do on the weathervane tomorrow and then hopefully I can start packing for the trip and getting that in line. I so need this. It is all like a dream come true. I have wanted to explore that area for such a long time and I think Capt. Jack is going to be a great guide and partner. He is a hoot. Oh, and he said we are going to go by Winslow, AZ and stand on the corner; get somebody to take a picture of us too! I will definitely post that!


Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

We all get a little woo-woo sometimes Annie, I think. Nice shootin.

edifice rex said...

Hey Mark! that's right! Woo-woo!

tammy (cat lover) said...

You will be heading out west at a perfect time. We were out there about a year ago and did bryce canyon and the grand canyon. A lot of people like bryce better than the grand. If you can fit it in it's less commercial than the grand. You are going to have tons of fun.

Ed said...

I stood on a corner in Winslow a long time ago but gave up when I didn't see any flatbed Fords drive by. Even if I had, the chances of it being driven by someone who would slow down to check me out are somewhere between slim and none. I was fresh from 30 days spent on the river without a razor or a mirror.

antvee said...

I was at that corner in 1980, Ed, but i was driving a 64 mercury, not a flatbed truck. :)

Hey Annie,
If you get close to central TX. give us a holler!
Have a safe trip!

Floridacracker said...

YOU couldn't pull the drawstring back?

edifice rex said...

Hey Tammy! yeah, i think the weather and everything is going to be great! I will definitely tell Jack about Bryce Canyon. We both hate over commercialized stuff and he may know of it already. thanks!

Hey Ed! lol! that's great!
Years ago Jack did a broadcast from a certain corner there where they have actually erected a plaque; he wants to show this to me.

Hey V! I believe we are going out by way of El Paso but on the return trip home will probably go a more northern route. I will keep everybody posted!

Hey FC! that's exactly what Jack asked. On a 150 lb. crossbow, no. I could get it about 1/3 of the way but that was it. You have to place the front of the bow on the ground and bend over to draw it. That position is just impossible for me.
My recurve is easy to draw however.

Anonymous said...

Keep practicing!! Maybe ya'll can check out the Palo Duro Canyon:
My dad worked there with the CCC way back when. It's worth the trip.

ignatz said...

The weathervane project has all sorts of woowoo surrounding it, such an omen---go with the flow, you're going to have a blast---if you breeze thru Grasshopper, AZ, take a pic---we have an inordinant curiosity about the place---and art in Sedona---am longing to head in that direction, too---live life, p

edifice rex said...

Hey Furt! thanks for the idea! I will definitely tell Jack about it. I know we are going a southern route on the way out but might can go by there on the way home.

Hey Page! you know, I had not thought about the weather vane in that light! you are right!!
Sedona is already on our list of 'must stops' for sure and I will see where Grasshopper is! sounds fun!